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Part 9: To Gnaar Mok and Back

Sorry, guys! I had a full weekend of family gatherances, but on the fourth day, Wizard Lizard rose again!

To Gnaar Mok and Back

Tempting as it may be to sell the dunmer's luxurious fineries, we really should return them to the stores so that he can climb out of the ol' debt-hole.

For the shirt and pants, we get 50 gold. Well, that's okay, we did the right thing.

The safe return of the belt and fine-ass jewelry nets us an additional 50 gold total. Now all that's left is the designer shoes. But...

Where the hell is the shoemaker? I spent a good ten minutes combing the town, and then just decided to sell the shoes for 140 gold.

Chaz GELF was kind enough to inform me that Gnaar Mok is west of Caldera, not gnorth, so I backtracked to there and set out.

I found the entrance to another dwarf fortress, which I made a note of, and then decided to explore some nearby islands.

I stabbed this mudcrab the other day. Dreadful bleeder.

Oh, huh. These ruins look rather OH GOD THAT DUDE'S MADE OF FIRE :GONK:

Some fleeing later, I arrived at Gnaar Mok.

This is the thug that's been giving Ahnassi trouble. He insisted he didn't know any Ahnassi, so I grilled him. In return, he called his goons to bang me up.

Ill-gotten houses in bumfuck nowhere count: 2

I felt a sense of accomplishment and growth from beating up four dudes at the same time, and set out to explore.

I came across this fortress, which looked like it held some pretty sweet loot, so I tried to find a back entrance.

While I didn't manage to get a good screenshot of it, their archer was able to snipe my Wizard Beam in midair, causing it to explode prematurely. It was both awesome and infuriating, and I've never seen it before. In any event, I was no match for their fortifications. I'll be back for you later, fortress!

On my way back to Pelagiad, I found a crypt. It contained chiefly bonemeal. Heaven forbid you should have some kickass enchanted item.

...oh. That'll be handy.

Wizard Lizard learned a lesson about being grateful that day. But not a very important one.

Milk? This sounds like a fun cave!

...but I do manage to kill the guy take his armor, as it looks pretty valuable.

The rest of the hike back to Pelagiad was pretty boring.

I told Ahnassi the good news, and I gotta say -- I kinda like her dialog. It's adorable. She rewarded me with a fine shirt and pants, and a religious tract about the importance of refined stabbing techniques. The threads aren't really my style, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Next time on Lizard Wizard, Mage Conjurer Nightblade: we attend to the main quest!