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Part 11: Distracted


After all that fortress raiding, I really want to make sure I get the best prices for my dwarven quarters, so I go off to Seyda Neen.

The area near Seyda Neen is lousy with floating monsters. The Healslimes Betty Netches in particular are fearsome.

Hey there little guy


IT'S A CAVE, IT'S A CAVE, IT'S A MOTHERFUCKIN' CAVE. It was full of bandits, skooma and moon sugar, and I don't really feel like covering it in detail. There were some cool power rings, though!

Okay, so most of them are useless. But it does give me a chance to talk about enchanted items. Enchanted items can be used to cast preset spells, kinda like a reusable scroll. The awesome thing about them is that they have no casting animation, which makes them good for instant healing, or instant blasting. We will be using an enchanted item or two.

I sell pretty much everything but a healing ring to Arrille. I also dumped a shitload of restore fatigue potions I made for pracice on him. I also sold another suit of ninja armor, but I didn't bother to get the screenshot of the guy because who cares? Yes hello you're an assassin

It's right about now that I remember something about Morrowind -- crimes are much easier to get away with.

See that? I murdered about 1/4 the population of Seyda Neen in their homes. No witnesses, no bounty!

Damn, this is the sixth house I've gotten by murdering. Wait, Sixth House? I've got shit to do!

Hope you like your dwarf toy. Ass.

So it turns out that the Sixth House are dicks who betrayed everyone in the war and got destroyed. They were apparently buddies with Dagoth Ur, who's sealed in a mountain in the middle of Vvardenfell. The Nerevarine believe in some kind of reincarnated messiah figure Idunno. He tells me to talk to an orc at the mages' guild about that. And we DO go to the mages' guild, but not for religious facts!

I whipped up a few offensive spells, like Tempest Fingers here, and bought a few much-needed ones like Light and Summon Skeletal Minion. The new destruction spells are kinda mana-hungry, but there's an advantage. The spells we've been using have a damage range. Fireball, for example, deals anywhere from 2 to 20 fire damage. Tempest Fingers, on the other hand, is fixed-damage. We'll still be using the good old Science Beam, but now we have a few big guns to fall back on.

I wasn't paying attention when I made this spell. Don't worry, I made a proper Lizard Wizard Sizzle Blizzard after!

You better believe we're using enchanted weapons!