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Part 12: Micro-Update: Welp.


I made a mistake.

gravyflood posted:

You better believe we're using enchanted weapons!
If you look closely, you'll notice that the cast type is 'Cast on Use', which renders it a glorified Wand of Slightly Cool Grasp. I meant to make it 'Cast on Strike', which would have made it a kickass ice shortsword. And wouldn't you know it, my most recent save...was just prior to Zainsipilu. This is less of a proper update than an explanation, just to let you guys know what happened. Fortunately, it wasn't all that bad!

I got a tanto, which is apparently Japanese for "surprisingly powerful fruit knife". And I think it just looks cooler than our generic shortsword from before, so that's a plus. The magical booty was much better, too!

Seems...decently powerful.

Technically, we can already walk on water and summon backup, but with these, we'll be conserving mana that we can use for wizard beams!

Hmm. I wonder...

Best fuck-up ever!

(don't worry, guys, I'll have an update with substance tomorrow.)