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Part 18: Things Get a Little Crazy

Shugojin posted:

Well, it still has the same small selection of voice actors but since it's not full voice acting and there is no silly Radiant AI causing people with identical voices to have the same small talk over and over, it's a lot less noticeable.

Heck, the Nehrim TC mod for Oblivion just disabled the Radiant AI conversations so even though there aren't that many voice actors it's still less noticeable. Speaking of that, people with Oblivion (WHO ARE NOT GRAVYFLOOD) should just go download it since it's great.

If I ever do LP Oblandion I might have to do some minor modding to make it tolerable. But hey, enough of that, have an update!

Things Get a Little Crazy

This is the Telvanni pagoda. Somewhere in here is the mysterious Flamemirror Robe. Let's see what's in these boring hallways, shall we?

Wait, what kind of business?

Who sorcerer?

They have mages?

I have a lizard's head!

Oh, I'll acquire some for you all right.

Like taking candy mazte from a baby armoire.

In return for numbing his pain, this crusty Nord tells us about some treasure-laden shipwreck. He leaves us a key engraved with the word 'Stormkiss', and collapses on the floor. Neat!

So apparently this is the Telvanni Tower we've been looking for. The dresser's upstairs, but there's also two mages that are uncomfortably close to it.

Enter the chameleon spell. Chameleon makes it harder for enemies to see you while sneaking, so you can more or less think of it as a sneak buff, at least in practice. Needless to say, I swipe the robe. It comes with a reflect spell!

With nothing better to do, I stop by the temple. They tell me all about this pilgrimage shit. Visit shrines, get free buffs.

One's right here in Vivec. Throw 100 gold at it, get some increased luck. I'm not impressed.

God, I'm bored already. Let's check out this cave maybe?


These seem like they might be related to that Sixth House smuggling concern.

Annnnnd here's the only interesting loot we got.

I head back to Vivec, secure in the knowledge that I have already found the best levitation-related object in the area.


In all seriousness, this shrine gives an obscenely good levitation spell, provided you have a Potion of Rising Force to part with. I make sky-tracks for the only other shrine I'm sure I know how to get to.

Which is the Fields of Kummu shrine. Sacrifice some coral barf here, and you'll receive a feather blessing. Feather subtracts a preset amount of encumbrance from your inventory. In practice, it adds inventory capacity. I'm probably gonna get some of that on my gear later on. And, speaking of gear, that'd be the flamemirror robe shimmering like that. The reflect spell...isn't too great, really. It doesn't actually reflect damage often enough. But anyway, levitation.

Now, I'd just like to point out something. Those icons in the lower right signify spell effects, and the icons themselves fade as the duration of the effect marches on. This thing is showing no sign of stopping. I know what I'm gonna do.

Over the ashlands and through the dust, to grand dwarven forts we go!

And before you know it, there we are. That's a damn spooky ruin.

Unfortunately, the actual dungeon part is intact.

Yup, these are dwarven plans or blueprints! Mission accomplished! But let's clean out the ruin nonetheless.

Pop quiz! How do wizards deal with musclebound orcs?

Stab them from out of their reach, of course!

Okay, I seriously do need to watch my health, so there's just the one option for this guy.


And he was guarding...a lava shaft. Well all right then.

Time to walk back to Ald'Ruhn!


Turn-in goes off without a hitch. Or a tangible reward.

Well done, Lizard Wizard.

Okay sure more ruins.

But first, let's cast mark. Now we can poof back to Ald'ruhn by using recall! It's really quite great.

Gnisis is just a hop, skip and a bug away, and the mine is just east of town. Sorry, but I guess I neglected to capture the entrance.

Now that's what I like to hear!

Quest greedily, quest deep!

This place has at least thrice as many kwama as that other mine in the Ashlands.

Well, that was easy.

There it is!

And hey presto, that's all of Edwinna's duties! And we didn't even have to walk back!

We celebrate with some mass loot offloading.

Followed by trying on a new robe I burgled somewhere along the line. There's actually a hole in the back that's not supposed to be there, so that's a bummer. Is there anything else I need to do? Let's check in with Caius.

Huh. Well, this should be easy.

I'm really glad I set that mark point. The locals tell us we can probably find him at the inn.

Hi, buddy! Can I ask you about Ashland niceties?

Well, that was specific! I waste three hours checking bookstores in Balmora and Vivec instead of reading the quest log decide that my best bet would be the bookstore right here in Ald'Ruhn.

This looks like it'd fit the bill.

Glad you like it, buddy!


All I learned today is that Ashlanders are really hard to deal with!

It's about this time that I figure I should get that Flamemirror Robe to Ahnassi. I check my inventory...

...and quickly realize that I'd absentmindedly sold it. Now, this is a real problem. NPCs automatically wear anything better than their current equipment, so Arrille is wearing the Flamemirror Robe. Thus, it's not for sale.

There's no other choice.

Sorry, old friend.

Uh-oh. The folks in the tavern heard everything, and I'm wanted for murder! What can I do?

Doip! Luckily, I checked with the Thieves' Guild beforehand, and set a Mark at this guy, who clears bounties for cash. Premeditation is OP! But still, I think we can get more out of this murder.

Set a mark at our safehouse...

Yeah, no shit. I'm trying to carry 1100 pounds of goods. We'll be reselling a bunch of stuff to the next merchant we find. I teleport back to the shanty and take stock.
...also, forgot to mention I killed that other gal when I had to put down Arrille. Now you know!

I couldn't fit everything in storage, so all that stuff on the floor is what I'm giving up. Guess we'll have to go without worthless potions for a while. The rest of it is spread across at least three houses in Seyda Neen.

Good night, sweet n'wah.