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Part 26: Wait, Wait, Don't Tel Me

Wait, Wait, Don't Tel Me

Okay, today we'll be doing a lot more magic stuff. Our first task? Kill a necromancer in some cave near Hla Oad.

I've still got a lot of that levitation blessing left, so getting to Hla Oad is pretty trivial. One major disadvantage to the blessing, however, is that you can't rest in midair.

Mandatory draw distance screenshot: I can see Pelagiad, Vivec, and what I'm pretty sure is Dren Plantation from here. I love technology.

Before long we touch down in Hla Oad and set out to diligently search the area for the hideout of the dreaded Telura Ulver DAEDRIC RUIN BETTER EXPLORE IT

A Golden Saint greets me, and hey, what's that weapon?

Well, not my thing, but Lizard Wizard knows quality when he sees it. Yoink!

Between this, that hammer I found in a floating chest and the ebony mace just now, I think the game wants me to branch out into blunt weaponry.

Then I come across this fine orcish fellow and get the horrible idea to try and wear him down with damage-over-time spells while running the fuck away. It was bad for my health.

At least I got a good shield out of it.

By this time I'm carrying way too much shit, so I run back to Seyda Neen real quick for a loot drop-off. Nothing worth screenshotting, really.

I then promptly say "fuck it" to the Mark I set so I can grind my athletics and conjuration skills.

Near Hla Oad again, this guy tries to shake us down for cash.

Thanks for playing! Better luck next time.

Hooray! I'm rather pleased with myself at this point, because it meant I can finally get promoted in the Mages' Guild, or so I thought.

I continue to search for Shal, but fail to turn up anything but dinosaurs and contradictions.
Hee, That atronach's all "what, I'm just swimmin'"

Oh, and situations like this. A Dremora, a Winged Twilight and some warrior. This is the kind of shit I put up with without breaking out Reginald von Bloodslurp, all so the bit doesn't get stale.
How dreadful!

About a half hour of aimlessly poking aoround later, here's the cave we're looking for. It was right next to that first daedric ruin.

Yup, we get it, Bethesda. Vaguely spooky cave.

The skeletwins are kind of a dead giveaway too.

Here's our necromancer! Somehow I was expecting a more sinister get-up.

Another day, another level.

Annnnd I nab this on the way out. Seems like it could be useful one of these days.

I decide to pop on down to Balmora so I can get a teleport back to Sadrith Mora. I'm do this by just heading east from Hla Oad. It's an amazingly short trip when you go this way, especially if you've got the proper levitation magic. But we're not just here for the fast travel!

Last update, I bought this spell from the owner of the ebony staff in Tel Branora. Even if Lizard Wizard were to cap out his intelligence, he wouldn't have enough magicka to cast it, so I decided not to post about it.

Unless, of course, we were to apply our lizardly intellect to the matter. By merely reducing the duration of the summon, it's well within our grasp.

Science has already provided us with the means to generate unlimited funds for enchanting, and now it gives us unlimited energy for enchanting!

To celebrate, we pop on down to Sadrith Mora and whip up something we'll be using the whole damn game. As the first poster to hint at what the treasure in the southeast corner of Vvardenfell was, Zebrin gets the honor of being on my skeleton, er...ring.

Yeah, about that. I think I'm ready for a promotion now.

Welp, that's bullshit. I storm the fuck out of there without realizing that conjuration wasn't one of the skills I was supposed to be raising.

It's all good, though. I've got rich wizard friends who are willing to give me cushy, if boring, work. I'll be kinda rushing through most of these Telvanni quests because, well, not a whole hell of a lot happens.

The dude lives in Gnisis and apparently has exotic taste in pets. He also had a pretty sweet chameleon ring lying around.

Good enough for Mallam Ryon!

I go back to Sadrith Mora and poke my head into the Telvanni Council Hall, or whatever its exact name is.

Next up, we need to get a dwarven schematic from a specific dwarf fortress!

Said schematic is all of maybe fifty feet from the entrance.

On to the next questgiver! Fortunately, we already have two portions of coral barf.

And the area surrounding Sadrith Mora is lousy with coral. Easy!

Next, a ring! A bit of asking around reveals that it's in the possession of the Morag Tong, who have a guildhall on the northeast side of town.

And hey, we finally find out where to sign up for some action.

We find the guy in the back. It's over pretty quickly.

We're changing questgivers pretty rapidly. Next, a delivery to Queen Crazy herself. What could possibly go wrong?

Here's your skirt, ma'am.
How do I now it's not A BOMB? Put it on.

There. As you can see, I'm fine. Now, if you'll just sign my journal I can-
Lizard Wizard, exit, stage right!

The only reason I'm showing off this turn-in dialog is because I got Recall as a spell from it. Most of these quests so far have offered spells, but I pretty much knew them all beforehand. This is pretty much the sole exception.

Next, there's unrest in Therana's egg mines.

All right, you lazy fuck, you've got two minutes to explain yourself before I shove a bolt of science down your throat.

Okay, that's actually a pretty good reason.

The key's in a fucking crate in the back of the mine. The queen doesn't even try to attack. I don't even know, man.

Yeah, real shame about those escaped slaves!

Next we have to deliver a scroll of gobbledygook to our old corprus-obsessed friend.

In return, he gives us a response in gobbledygook. There's probably some easter egg in there for people who want to decode it or know the font, but eh.

Next, we have to buy some Cure Blight potions and deliver them to an apothecary in Tel Vos.

We bought the potions and delivered them to the apothecary, what can I say?

Our next mission takes us right back to Tel Vos. We've already got plenty of daedra skin.

It's worth noting that Tel Vos actually looks like a castle from afar, but with the plant matter of the Telvanni tower kind of twisting into the outer walls. As usual, accessing the head honcho's quarters requires levitating.

Lizard Wizard leather deliver! Next Mouth, please!

Well, that sounds easy enough.

The quest for soap took us to Balmora for shopping. I initially checked to see if Ajira sold it, and surprisingly, she had a tip for us! Thanks, Ajira!

Somewhat more interestingly, someone in the Mages' Guild has a staff sought after by an important Telvanni fellow. Be ready for anything, Lizard Wizard!


And with that, we're done with this 'tier' of Telvanni quests. At this point, I decided to look at the requirements for advancement in the Mages' Guild - advancement requirements for all factions are listed on your character sheet - and noticed that I had, in fact, leveled up the wrong skill this whole time.

So I picked a shitload of mushrooms and grinded my alchemy up. Now, it's high time I got that promotion.

I need a what now