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Part 41: Wherein Lizard Wizard continues to be bad at following directions, but does some quests anyway

Wherein Lizard Wizard continues to be bad at following directions, but does some quests anyway

Last time, as you may recall, we cleared up a daedric shrine for emergency shelter.

More specifically, we convinced the worshipers inside to tolerate the Ahemmusa folks.

And now it's time for the escort part of the mission.


Gotta remember to walk slow for these guys.

Great, I'm gonna have to protect her from Slaughterfish and-

Okay, so she's a water walker. Cool.

And what can I say? We made it to the shrine intact, if slowly.

Two down, two to go!

Next stop, Zainab Camp. It's pretty much smack in the middle of the Grazelands.

It seems like the Ashkhan here is a bit of a materialistic fuck. All right, gimme a quest then.

Nerano Ancestral Tomb, eh?

This time, I will listen to the directions.

West until you hit the mountains.

Past the dwarf fortress, keep my eyes peeled to the east.

Check the entire damn Grazelands in the general area of "east of the fortress" because, as it will turn out, I didn't go north enough.

Search for the tomb from on top of the dwarf fortress, see nothing.

Bitch to fellow goon over IM and find out from him that it's kinda near Tel Vos maybe?

Arrive at tomb. Huh. I'll take the blame here for not going far enough to the north.

I mean, if I'd just gone further north, it couldn't have been simpler, right? But I digress. We've got a dungeon to do!




So anyway. I kill the vampire and get out of there, and I notice something. A footpath.

Oh my god, don't tell me. connects to the village. Yeah, this is the sort of thing you should've told me before, game.

Wait, what?

So we at least get to talk to someone else for this quest. The Ashkhan here is, well, kind of a fool, in case it hasn't come across.

Okay, so, to Tel Aruhn.

It's just a quick swim!

And there's our slavemistress.

Exquisite clothes, that's what we need! We've already got the shirt, but the other pieces may be a bit of a hassle.

So I take the convoluted travel circuit to Balmora, heart of shopping!

And then take a brief detour to Caldera, heart of selling.

While sorting through my potions, though, I noticed something ridiculous. 147 points of Night Eye? I gotta try this.

Bottoms up!

Anyway, time for shopping.

Hm. She sells the skirt, but not the shoes we need.

Welp, let's take a chance.

Well, fancy that! And the skirt's free too!

Yup, I done wrong. Sorry about that.

And just like that, we serve our time and pop up outside Fort Moonmoth. As I hoped, we got to keep the clothes, and really, everything else. All we really lost were some alchemy ingredients.

Of course, that slave may look like a Telvanni, but she still needs to smell like one.

This is easy enough.

We pay for her.

We get her out of her cageslavepod.

We dress her up.

We escort mission her. Thankfully, she's pretty jazzed about being an Ashkhan's wife.

As soon as we set foot in his yurt, she pipes up. Hey, why can't I see the Ashkhan?


75% Nerevarine, baby!

Just one more tribe to go. These guys are in Molag Mar, the greyest region of Vvardenfell.

They're also dicks.

The Wise Woman has an idea. I like this idea.





Well, that's regrettable.

We check back with Manirai, who informs us that Han-Ammu's a good guy who'd make a great Ashkhan - he just lacks strength, wisdom and courage, so we need to find something to give him those qualities.

I got this.

But no, it's as simple as looting painfuly obvious gear off the guys we just killed... it to Han-Ammu...

And completing the quest.

Oh yes. I neglected to mention that this is the fifth trial, not the fourth that I just completed. See, the fourth trial is to become Hortator of all three Great Houses, and I figured that was later and Nibani would talk about it naturally, but nope! In any case, we'll be doing that later.

Next time, fucking aro-

Oh, it's the White Guar.
Bonus video: Poor White Guar.