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Part 4: The Elder Updates IV - Sterv: Cat in the City

Wolfsheim posted:

Though most dungeons in Oblivion aren't worth exploring (especially the Ayleid ruins), Vilverin is. Plumb those depths, LW!

Well now I'm going to go out of my way to show off several dungeons.

But for now, have an update!

Sterv: Cat in the City

Moments prior to the end of the previous update...

What's this? A spell tome?

Let's have a look... Anyway.

This just says "Absorb Health". How do I...?


I forgot how easy it is.

Tomorrow, I'll go to the city. Try and get geared up, learn some spells before I try to mount this heroic journey of mine.

But now, I rest.

Much better.

Let's see...I'll need better weapons and armor...

Maybe see if I can scrape up some practice spells from Edgar's...

...and building up a stock gold would be nice, too.

Let's go shopping.

First, I'll go sell some of this junk I got off those bandits. Maybe see if I can't hawk these nutritional potions as well.

I've never really been in here, but it's a nice enough place.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -2

Just here to sell.

Can't help but feel like I'm getting a bit shafted, but ah well.
You gain a little bit of Mercantile skill with each item bought or sold. You can press the Haggle button down in the lower-left corner to try and get better prices when buying and selling, but until you've got some skill you're really better off not messing with it since there's a good chance the merchant will decline your offer outright. Thankfully, haggling isn't outright necessary to raise your skill as it was in Morrowind. Here, I pretty much sell off all my Restore Fatigue potions, extra gear, and valuable clutter items like gems and such.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -1 220 Septims. It's a start.
I appreciate your business.

Next stop:


I was actually hoping to ask you a few questions, first.
You want to talk? Talk is cheap. And I
got cheap. Yes, I know. I'd like to try and become a better spellcaster, but I've found my magicka reserves...lacking. How can I-
Brain training.
Brain training?
You just cast yourself some conjuration or mysticism skills, and you think real hard about the powers you're tapping into. Given enough time, your understnading of the arcane will deepen along with your magicka pool.
Alchemy works too, for some reason.

I see. Can you recommend me a good beginner's Mysticism spell?
Minor Life Detection. See your friends and your enemies, even if there's a wall between you and them!
Sounds useful.
You'll want an Alteration spell, too.
Yes, to hone your focus. You work real hard at Alteration, get your focus up, and your Magicka'll recover like THAT! Destruction and Alteration work fine, but Alteration's a real fast track.
All right, then. What would you-
Shield it is. And do you have anything for an aspiring illusionist?
You probably want Starlight. Provides light, as you might expect.
Yes! Literally!
Annnnnd whaddyagot as far as conjuration goes?

Bound Dagger. You'll never be without a blade again! Too rich for my blood.
I understand. Ready to check out, then?
Okay. Hold still.

Well, I'm out of money. Time to go crate-shopping.

I don't know where these came from. Someone just...didn't come back for their crates.

Eventually people started putting their unwanted junk in here.

And the poorer among us, well, we started to go crate-shopping.

Leaving stuff for the poor is, well, a tradition now.

I can't believe the shit people put in here, sometimes.

I mean, look at that. I could go to a banquet like this.

It's things like these that help me scrape by.

A little bit of luck doesn't hurt either. I was going to check out armor, wasn't I?

Nnnnnno, I don't think that's gonna be happening.

I'll take the ol' crate and barrel any day.

I even managed to make a good bit of gold thanks to my new mortar and pestle.

Get some fresh air, find some clothes, practice magic.

And if I'm lucky, I get to treat myself. See? My system works.

But now that I'm a hero, my needs are a bit...


I mean, I need money AND stuff if I'm gonna do great things.

By stealing, I accomplish this. It's a win-win.

I just wanted to point out a quirk of the engine. I've been using the free camera console command to grab some screenshots, and when I used it from first-person, I quickly realized that the game doesn't render your body unless you're in third-person mode. Interesting way of saving memory. It's actually a pretty common practice in game development, but I just wanted to share it with you. It tickles me.

So here I nicked a set of alchemy tools. Without going into too much detail, they make your potions more betterer.

Can't go forgetting the basements.

Hah! You see? Always be thorough.

Now let's see about some new headgear.


I shall have to visit again to try on these other helmets.

The basement delivers again!

Ooh, berries.

...drat. Guess I'm picking up berries now.



Next stop, free weapons!

A bit cramped.

...okay then.


Skewing a little too much towards "smash" for my liking.

THIS hammer I will take, though.

Oho. What have we here?


Screw this. Time to loosen the strings of the Copious Coinpurse.

...oh, um...are you not open yet?

...I should go.

Perhaps I will seek...other avenues of monetary gain.

Yes. This will work perfectly.

I want to be a combatant. For money.
You what? You want to be a combatant? Ha ha ha ha ha! Look at you! My granny could beat you, and she's dead!

Wait, you're serious, aren't you? What is with you people? You walk in, want to be combatants, and your entrails end up decorating my Red Room.
I assure you this will not happen.
All right. It's your funeral. Welcome to the Arena, you filthy Pit Dog. You're free to fight, so long as you know the rules of competition. Now, let me give you your Battle Raiment. It's the uniform of all Arena combatants. Do you want a Light Raiment or a Heavy Raiment?
Light, please.
A Light Raiment, huh? You sure? I figured you for the Heavy Raiment type. You know, hide behind a skin of steel? Hmph. Okay then, here. Put that on, see if it fits all right. When you're ready for a match, I'll be waiting. You want to fight, you talk to me. All right then.

...this outfit is degrading.

No matter. Now, to make some room...

Good morning, Thoronir.

May I interest you in some fine weaponry?

I suppose it's time for something of a vote. Should Sterv gladiate at the Arena and generally rub elbows with the people there, find something else to do in the city, or seek unknown riches in Vilverin? In any event, we'll have to stop by the Bloodworks to pick up our stuff.

And yes, I'm well aware of a certain something in the Arena area, so keep your lips sealed.