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Part 6: The Elder Updates VI - As the Crow Flies

As the Crow Flies

Before I head out, I should make sure I don't neglect my magical training.

It's BOUND to come in handy at some point.

Annnnd a quick stopover at Edgar's.
Snowball comes at a magicka cost about double that of our starting fireball, but it's also got four more points of damage, so it'll be our go-to ranged spell for the time being. Shocking Touch does just as much damage for less magicka, though, so we won't always be leaning on it. Okay, explanation over. long as I'm traveling a long distance...

One free horse armor, please! Also, a horse.
You've got to be kidding me.

Lady, I will STAB you if I do not get a free horse today.
You drive a hard bargain.

To Crowhaven!
Which is waaaaaaay in the southwest corner of the map. Yay.

Forget the roads. I know where I'm going.

What's this?


Well, whatever.

Oh, look. Bandit.

I'm not impressed.

Moving right along.

So yeah, y'know what? I rode on a horse for a while. Some of you have asked my opinion on Fast Travel, so lemme break it down for ya: in Oblivion, you can instantly travel to notable locations you've been to before. You also have the ability to travel to any major city from the start of the game, but I'm going to avoid that. Basically, I'm really only going to use Fast Travel to return to cities after quests. I don't want to miss anything, after all!

Of course, this led to me checking out a dungeon with an interesting name. Goblin Jim's Cave sounds like a cool place, right?

I honestly don't know what I was expecting.

Oh hey, a little loot room.

No, no, no. Surely not.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points:

It all culminated in a fight with a wizard that was way too strong for the rest of the cave.

And then I died from an ill-advised jump. We now join Sterv at an earlier point in time.

Wait, this cave is just full of goblins.

I don't have time for that.

...okay, where did I put my horse?

Guess I'm walking!

What are those trees over by Kvatch?

They look...wrong.

I should investigate.

I'm sorry, what?
Gods' blood, you don't know, do you?
Clearly not!
Daedra overran Kvatch last night! There were glowing portals outside the walls! Gates to Oblivion itself! Oblivion?
There was a huge creature...something out of a nightmare...came right over the walls...blasting fire. They swarmed around it...killing.
It's all gone?
Go and see for yourself! Kvatch is a smoking ruin! We're all that's left, do you understand me? Everyone else is dead!
How did you escape?
It was Savlian Matius...some of the other guards...helped some of us escape...they cut their way out, right through the city gates. Savlian says they can hold the road., I don't believe him. Nothing can stop them. If you'd seen it, you'd know...I'm getting out of here before it's too late! They'll be here any minute, I'm telling you. Run while you can!

Not long ago, I was in prison.

I don't even remember for what. Probably the guards were tired of looking at me.

I thought I was going to die in there.

And now, here I am trying to stop a Daedric invasion.

The Emperor said...I was a hero. Destined for great things.

Oblivion take me.