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Part 9: The Elder Updates IX - The Ramble to Anvil

The Ramble to Anvil

Kvatch saved as it's ever going to be. I must keep moving.

I'll make a stopover in Anvil, then make my way to Crowhaven.

Hmmm. A cave?

Always worth a look.

No matter how much or how little, coin is coin.

And bandits, regrettably, are bandits.


See? ALWAYS worth a look.
That's the second spell tome we've found, and I think an explanation is overdue. If you never found these in your game, there's a good reason: the addition of spell tomes as random drops was DLC. Before you balk, consider that the price was literally one dollar. I'd imagine this was to get around patching fees on the 360. In the end, Bethesda saw something wrong with their game, and they fixed it for a pittance. Definitely an official add-on worth having.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -5 +

Freezing Bolt costs a significant amount of magicka to cast, but it's a whopper. More damage means we won't have to cast it as many times to bring down our enemies, which means we won't level Destruction as fast, which means slower leveling and better stats!

Well, so much for that. That combat-heavy Kvatch segment did kinda send us zooming towards the next level.

Hey, another perk! It's a bit poorly worded, but our sneak attack multipliers have been taken up a notch. Bam.

Heh. Never saw it coming.

Stupid bandits.

All too easy!
Archery's a bit too underpowered to use as your main source of damage in this game, but it's good enough for sneak attacks.

Yikes. Poor guy.
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that's kinda neat. Someone at Bethesda was having fun.

Gah! Poisoned!
We're briefly indisposed by overencumbrance due to a Drain Strength poison arrow from bandits above.

Let's take the fight to them.



Well, I see two chests...

But it appears to actually be impossible to get there. It's not connected to ANYTHING. Get your shit together, Bethesda.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -6 +

All things considered, this level could've been worse.

Cat Stats

Class skills
Block: 27
Blunt: 25
Destruction: 31
Acrobatics: 42
Light Armor: 45
Marksman: 35
Speechcraft: 30

Not class skills
Armorer: 15
Athletics: 19
Blade: 21
Hand To Hand: 21
Heavy Armor: 16
Alchemy: 27
Alteration: 13
Conjuration: 12
Illusion: 7
Mysticism: 17
Restoration: 14
Mercantile: 13
Security: 21
Sneak: 25

Those little bars in the corner of the screen
Health: 96
Magicka: 116
Fatigue: 189

Brew and mix to expand the mind. It's soothing, really.

That and practicing spells. Gives me something to do with my hands.
We are NOT missing the intelligence train again, dammit.

Besides, magic is handy. I can never be too good at it.

Ahh. Feels good to defend myself in the fresh air again.

Is that so? Well, then...

From time to time, this sort of thing will happen. Spices things up, I guess!

Here we are. Now I can rest my head and do a little shopping.
As much as I'd like to make this update longer, there's a crapton of stuff that happened in Anvil, so we're gonna have to call it here.