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Part 10: The Elder Updates X - Yo Ho Ho

Yo Ho Ho

Before I head inside, I think I'll take a look at the stables. Never know when you might find a cheap horse.

...oh dear.

Did...did anyone else see that?
Oblivion. Where even the stables are unstable. This glitch didn't really hurt anything, though, so the score stays where it is.

I'm just going to head into town now.

Ahh. I love the buildings of Anvil.

First, I offload the magic armor and stock up on hammers at the local blacksmith.

Always need hammers.
I promptly use up half of these hammers repairing my stuff. Sheesh.

Hmm...where's a pawn shop around here? I'll ask a guard.

Harborside, outside the wall? Many thanks.

Say...wasn't there supposed to be some pirate cave around here? Under the castle? I'll have to check that out.

...huh. Never seen this kind of plant before. Something feels off about it. I should see an alchemist when I have time.

Before any of that, though, there's business to be done.

And potions are good business indeed. I walk away 400 septims richer.

Hmm...such a lovely ship!

And nobody will help me. Nobody! Not with those spirits roaming the decks. I don't suppose you'll help me? No, of course you won't...
Sure, I'll kill some ghosts.
Of course you can't! Nobody ever wants to help! That's the...wait...did you actually say you'd help me?
Not in so many words...
Oh, how wonderful! I can't thank you enough! I've been going out of my mind ever since my crew was murdered!
A leading cause of stress these days.
This is my ship, you see. The Serpent's Wake. I hired the crew to sail to Summerset Isle to retrieve a family heirloom, my mother's crystal ball. They made the journey, and arrived back all right, but then...someone murdered them! All of them! Now their spirits are haunting the ship!
I see where this is going.
The crystal ball is in a chest in the ship's hold, but I can't get to it. I made it as far as the captain's cabin, but the spirits nearly killed me! Get the crystal ball and return it to me here, and I'll make it worth your trouble. Here, you'll need this key. Thank you so much!

How tough could a bunch of ghosts possibly be?

Taste my spells, you-

...drat. Destruction magic may not avail me here.

This was BOUND to come in handy at some point!

Have at you!
As in Morrowind (and Pokémon), normal attacks won't damage ghosts. Thankfully, Bound Weapons will work.

That's one down.

And as long as I have free reign of the ship...

All right, down the hatch.



And then a good chunk of the population of Anvil came to beat up some ghosts.

That...was surprisingly effective.

More ghooooooooosts!

Hm. This looks bad.

That...won't work.

Well, thanks for the distraction.

Guess the other ghost is in the water.

Huh. Good job, guys.

There we go.

Now where's that Altmer? Must've gone to bed.

That's okay. I can wait.

Still no sign of her? Now, what can I to to pass the-


Yes, an all-female gang of thieves has been recently plaguing Anvil with a very unique method of robbing. They pick on only the men. If you want to help us to do something about it, go talk to Gogan and Maelona. Let's just say Gogan is intimately involved and leave it at that.
...ew. I'll keep it in mind.

Wonder if she's in the city.

And your crystal ball.
You did it! You actually made it back with the crystal ball! Oh, thank you! Here, please take this as a reward! It's the captain's enchanted cutlass. I managed to grab it when I was in his cabin, before his spirit chased me out! Oh, thank you so very much!

Hmmm. I don't know how useful this will be.
Redwave has a decently powerful enchantment, but as a result, it'll eat through its charge pretty quickly.

Since enchanted weapons don't regain their charge over time as they did in Morrowind, we're just gonna hock it. Besides, it's dead weight.

As an aside, I briefly considered stealing this Silver Claymore. Silver weapons, are about on par with steel in attack power, but they're much lighter, and they come with the added benefit of being able to harm ghosts. More importantly, though, should Sterv switch to two-handers?

Now...where's that pirate cave?

Huh. Under Castle Anvil, indeed.


Guess I've got to kill some skeletons.
Yyyyyup. Before we can even think about turning this cave into a sweet pirate-themed base of operations, we've got to clear out the skeletons. For a summary of said combat, please consult this video.

Naturally, all this combat is good for out Light Armor skill, and we reach another milestone. Maintenance will be a little bit easier now.

And another!

Take that!

Nnng. Apparently I should go find Dahlia Rackham.

She's here, right?

Seriously expensive. I'll have to think about this.
There's also a supplier available for 1000 Septims, which have apparently turned into Dragon Quest money for the time being. This should come as no surprise if you're familiar with my work, but other than the fence I have no idea what these things do and if they're worthwhile. Let me know if you want to buy one of the upgrades, but please don't say what they do. Keep it blind, folks.


Dahlia's got some good stuff, it seems.


That never gets old. know, if this isn't porn, it's hilarious, but if it's not a joke, I'm going to cry.
This fucking book.

Ohoho, what have we here?
Holy shit, I was NOT expecting to find anything this good. It reduces incoming damage by 12%, it was free, and it's going right on Sterv's finger.

I wonder what else she has got stored away.

...oh no.

Angry meeeeeeeeen!

Well, I wasn't expecting a guy in daedric armor, but I'm not complaining.

Well now I'm really curious.


Why don't you CHILL OUT!

Running away, huh? We'll see about-

...oh, this is just getting stupid.

What the...? A bum with a cutlass?

Eh, I'll take it.

Down you go, pi...

...rate? Whoops. This confined space is no good.

Let's take this outside.


Now why are you...oh, forget it.


I don't know where the other guy went, but hey, I'm alive.

Now, what in Oblivion is on this ship?

Outta my way.

...I don't know what I was expecting.

Forget this.

I need a nap.

A most statisfying level this time around.

And today's Cat Stats will have to remain a mystery, since I failed to get a good look at them. Next time, Crowhaven!