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Part 12: The Elder Updates XII - An Inauspicious Knife in the Dark

An Inauspicious Knife in the Dark

Before we first, let's prepare ourselves for the horrors of a post-level 5 world. First, an enchanted bow. We will treasure its fire damage always.

Next, we pick some stuff up from the GOOD magic shop. I bought Electric Touch and Flame Touch, which is to say I bought Electric Touch and donated 230 gold to Mystic Emporium, because I never really find a reason to use Flame Touch. Oh well!

Soon, I will become a vampire assassin. Let's go, horse.

The Inn of Ill Omen is on the road to Bravil.

Beyond that is...Leyawiin? I've never been to Leyawiin.

I will murder Rufio, and then I will continue south and see Leyawiin.

Hm? A Daedric shrine?

What kind of business?
There are many deals to be made, even with a god. You could find great wealth, or painful death. If you wish to bargain with Clavicus Vile, approach with an offering of 500 gold, and hope the Lord smiles on your offering.
500 gold? That's...a bargain!
Daedric shrines offer quests for powerful artifacts, and each requires certain items to start. Clavicus' requirement is one of the simpler ones.

The favor of a Daedric Prince would be good to have.

What is this? No matter how hard I try, I cannot compel myself to place the gold on the altar.
Unfortunately, we can't do this until we're level 20. Must be a good artifact!

Another time, Clavicus.

One uneventful horseback ride, two failed recordings, and a camera issue later...

Ah, bless the Nine. Strength, cleansing power, good health...

...shit, good health! There goes the ol' dark gift.

I can still be an assassin, though.

I am interested in this Rufio.
He's an old codger. Been living here for a couple weeks now. If you ask me, he's hiding from something. But what do I care? He pays his tab. His room is downstairs, in what I like to call the private quarters. Use that hatch in the floor over there. But don't expect a warm reception.
Thanks for the info.


Hello, Rufio.

Oh my, are you trying to sleep? Here, let me get the light.


And now I slumber and wait for Lucien to come again.

I cannot even BEGIN to comprehend where that guard came from. The Private Quarters are their own cell, and I killed Rufio in one hit while he was sleeping, and I just see no way a guard could've been aware of that. Next time, Leyawiin. Good lord, Bethesda.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -7 + +