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Part 13: The Elder Updates XIII - Onward to Leyawiin

Onward to Leyawiin

I don't know how they did it, but they caught me.

They searched me, took my loot.

I broke into their office, enjoyed their books, and reclaimed my loot. Only fair.

Lucien says I should report to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal, but for now, I would rather visit Leyawiin.

Screw Bravil anyway.

...what is that? On the bay?

Is that a stone face?

These are no mushrooms I've ever seen.

Hm. I don't like the looks of this thing.

Um, excuse me, but what is
No. Go away. I'm not here.




Stay back! This one's violent!

There. He won't be hurting anyone now.

It's...a gate to somewhere? And it just appeared recently?
I don't know where it came from, and I don't want to. Those who've gone in have come back out...wrong. I'm just here to warn folks to stay away.
And just what happens to people who go through?
Look for yourself! Their brains are addled. Got no sense! Perfectly normal people went in there. And this is what's come out.
In my experience, things like these must be gone through and shut. Not protected.
Ha! It's your funeral. I'm just here to warn people, not keep them out. Go ahead in. I'll be here to clean up the mess when you come out.

Unworthy, unworthy, unworthy! Useless mortal meat. Walking bag of dung!

...did it just speak?
A nice effort, though. A shame he's dead. Heh! These things happen.
Does it DO this often?
Bring me a champion! Rend the flesh of my foes! A mortal champion to wade through the entrails of my enemies!

Really, do come in. It's lovely in the isles right now. Perfect time for a visit.
...maybe later.
The Strange Door leads to the Shivering Isles DLC, and the timing actually is perfect, since it requires you to be at least level 5. I've got Leyawiin and some murdering to do, but if there's enough demand, we're going through, so I'm more or less expecting to go through that door within a few updates now that you people know I've found it.

I WILL visit Leyawiin.

I am a free khajiit.

Ooh, another one of those strange plants.


A bunch of herb-picking and a mudcrab later...

Another shrine?

The worshippers here have some pretty entertaining lines.I recommend you see for yourself.

You DO worship one of the Daedric Princes here, do you not?
Killed and ate a Bosmer there. But it made me sick. Saw Lord Sheogorath in the vomitus, so that's all right.
Sheogorath? That...explains a lot.
Here to sacrifice? A limb would be nice.
Then approach the Shrine. Of course, he won't appear. Because it's not raining. He loves the rain. And you'll need an offering. I think a lesser soul gem, a head of lettuce, and some yarn will do the trick. Yes. That's what Sheogorath wants.
Well, we don't have the lettuce to start this quest. Rainy conditions aren't actually required, but I'm just going to chalk that up to insane ramblings.

Note to self: return with a head of lettuce.

Some terribly exciting walking and herb-picking later...

Ah, a place to rest my head.

Out of disgust at my Endurance bonus, I decide to go with Speed this level. Intelligence and Willpower are coming along nicely, though!

As for what happens next, what can I say but more traveling? Sterv does some idle alchemy, collects a few Nirnroots, and punching as many enemies as possible so we can work on Strength.

Here we are.

Goodness. The people of Leyawiin do love their nature.

Hail, guard. Anything to do around here?
Orc named Mazoga says she's a knight. I doubt it. The Count wants it looked into. Why don't you talk to him? The Count apears for audiences in the County Hall near the throne weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM.

That could be interesting.

Hey, look, she's wearing DwemerDwarven armor! I have to say, I like the look of it. More importantly, though, this is one of the effects of being over Level 5 - we'll see new armor types on NPCs.

Then go away.

All right then.

No. Please move.

Perhaps you would like to do a service for County Leyawiin?
I just want to take a moment to say the Count of Leyawiin is a cool guy. He's so pleasant!

That's exactly why I'm here.
I need your help. An Orc named Mazoga here claims to be a knight, but will not reveal her business. Find out why she is here and report to me, and you will earn a reward suitable for those who serve Leyawiin.
Right. I'm on it.

I'm still not the Count, no. But he sent me.
Then I can talk to you. I'm Mazoga.
Brilliant. Before anything else, though, any news?
I was walking past Rosentia Gallenus' home the other day, and I heard these strange animal noises or something coming from inside...very odd.
Hmm. Intriguing.
Every time I pass by that woman's house, I hear odd animal noises and smell a foul odor. Maybe she's caring for some sick pet or something. Whatever it is, she should clean up her act. It's surprising that a wealthy woman like that would let her property fall into disarray.
Indeed. So, you're the Orc everyone's been talking about?
Yes. I'm an Orc. I was born under a rock, and I have no parents. So I don't need a family name., what? You're just Mazoga the Orc?
I guess you don't know how to talk to a knight. So I'll teach you. Say, 'Yes, Sir Mazoga'.

I'm a knight. So say, 'Sir'. Say, 'Yes, Sir Mazoga'.
'Yes, Sir Mazoga'.
All right, then. Just don't forget.
Anyway, you're a Knight, you said?
I'm a FREE knight. I don't have a lord. You got a problem with that?
I'm...not entirely sure of your qualifications.
You don't know anything about being a knight, so shut up about it. There's an Argonian named Weebam-Na in town. Go find him. Tell him I want to see him right now. I'll meet him here.
As you wish.




That's Weebam-Na back there? Okay, good.

Mazoga the Orc wants to see you.
So? An Orc wants to see me? And this interests me how? Did I forget how much I like you so I should do this favor for you? Maybe I just don't like you very much. So I'm not going.
"Hey playerrrrrr! Disposition is a mechanic! "

There's a whole game based around speechcraft, but it's kinda stupid and I'll cover it another time. This time, we throw money at him.

That's about the size of it.
I don't know her. I'd be smart to ignore her. But...I never learned anything by being smart. And you seem to be a right skipper.
"A right skipper". I don't even know what that sort of lingo is doing here.

And I will follow.

I'm taking your lettuce.

Thanks game.

Beg pardon?
Weebam-Na won't take me to Fisherman's Rock. You know where it is?
The Argonian said Fisherman's Rock is north of Leyawiin on a point of land on the east shore of the Niben. Take me there. Now.
What for?
This guy, Mogens Wind-Shifter, he camps at Fisherman's Rock. So you take me there, and I talk to him, and then we see what happens. You hear me? I TALK to him first. No smashing in his teeth or chopping off his head! Understand?
Talking, THEN smashing and chopping?
Could be. You know how it is. But not until I'm finished talking!
The Argonian says it's north of Leyawiin, about six hours walk, on the east bank of the Niben. Let's get moving.
Yes, let's.

A trivial amount of northward momentum later...

Ah! Rain! Hope I can wrap this up soon.

No. Who are you?
I'm Mazoga. You killed my friend, Ra'vindra.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're a lying bastard. You killed Ra'vindra. And now I'm going to kill you.


Have at you!

You're next!
Look at that kitty fly. I don't know why, but Electric Touch and the Radiant Silverbow tend to give corpses a fair amount of knockback when they're used for the finishing blow. I'm pretty sure it's tied to the amount of damage an attack does, but jesus!

Mazoga's got this.

Your oath?
Mogens Wind-Shifter had a gang. They robbed and killed travelers. But Ra'vindra saw, and told the guards. Mogens got away, but first he killed Ra' best friend, Ra'vindra. That day, I beame a knight, and swore a knight's oath. I searched a long time, and asked everyone, then I finally heard he was hiding at Fisherman's Rock. So now you know everything. You helped me, and I won't forget. Take what you want from the dead. I came to keep my oath, and now I'm done.
Anything else you want to get off your chest?
When I saw my friend killed, I swore I'd be a true knight and right all wrongs. So now I gotta do some good deeds. I don't know much about being a knight. But I'm gonna learn. did ME a good deed. You oughta be a real knight yourself.
Hah. Perhaps.
You're a pal.

Ooh, nice dagger. I could get some real coin for this.

I'll catch up with Mazoga later.

Right now, I've got to arrange a meeting with a Daedric Prince.
Next time: exactly that.