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Part 15: The Elder Updates XV - Whom Gods Unintentionally Give a Huge Advantage

Whom Gods Unintentionally Give a Huge Advantage

Now that I'm a knight, I think it's time to get down to some good-deedery.

Perfect! A damsel in distress.

I believe this is the place.

You're Rosentia Gallenus, yes? How may I-
These stupid scamps are driving me crazy!
Don't worry. I'm here to help.
Oh thank you! I had a feeling buying that Daedric staff would be trouble. Now I'm paying for it with more than just some gold.
Tell me more about this staff of yours.
A few weeks ago, a spellsword was passing through Leyawiin and heard that I like to buy curiosities. He wanted to sell the staff you see me carrying. I eagerly bought it, knowing the value of Daedric relics. In fact, I was a bit suspicious when he sold it so cheap. His loss, my gain I figured.
Any khajiit in their right mind would do the same. I assure you of this. Go on.
After examining it for a bit I noticed a small word carved on it in runes. Using a book from my library, I translated it. The word was nonsense. However, when I spoke it and held the staff, four scamps suddenly appeared! I thought I was done for! Strangely, they all just stood there. It didn't take long before I realized they were following me! I couldn't be seen in town with scamps following, so I decided to discard the staff.
Of course. They'd call you a daedra-worshipper.
I can't explain it, but somehow I can't compel myself to actually let it go. This staff is obviously cursed! Now I'm stuck with it!
How dreadful. Where do I fit in?
I need you to get over to the Mages Guild and talk to a good friend of mine, Alvis Uvenim. She's the only one in town that I trust.
...with matters of Daedric staves, I hope you mean.
I was able to get a message to her earlier, but I've yet to get a reply. If I go, then the scamps will follow and my secret will be revealed to all.
I will speak to your friend, then.
I just want to point out that it's Alves Uvenim.

Maybe while I'm at the guild, I could join up.

Now to find whoever's in charge of admissions around here.

Excuse me...
Poor Rosentia, she's been trapped in her house for days.
Wait, are you Alves Uvenim? How did you know I was here about...THAT?
Frankly, the smell gave you away. You must have stepped in...well, let's just say something that isn't pleasant. Just be sure and keep this quiet. If the other mages even knew that I was involved with Rosentia's new guests...I could get kicked out of the guild!
Right. So, about that Daedric staff...
Doing a bit of digging, I'm afraid Rosentia's been stuck with the Staff of the Everscamp. Nasty bit of "fun" by Sheogorath, I'd say. The only way she can be rid of it is if someone willingly accepts it. It can't be discarded in any other manner. No one would buy that thing once it's activated like it's been. The only chance is to return it to its original resting place, Darkfathom Cave.
NOW I see where I fit in.
Inside the cave, there's rumored to be a shrine to Sheogorath. That's where the staff can finally be dropped and the scamps should remain behind. I also learned thet the staff makes the owner move much slower than normal. I suppose it's another way the creator upped the annoyance factor.
Hmm. That does sound annoying.
Please, bring Rosentia this information at once. And if you can, help her. I think she's about to crack under the pressure, poor thing.
By the way, I know this isn't exactly the time, but do you teach spells?

We pick up a few spells here. Arguably most important is Soul Trap. For those of you unfamiliar with the Elder Scrolls series, Soul Trap enables the player to trap a monster's vital essence in a Soul Gem when it dies. The filled Soul Gem can then be used to recharge a magical item. They can also be used to enchant equipment, but we currently lack the means to do so.


I'm looking to do just that.
The guild is accepting new members, but it may require some hard work on your part. Are you sure you wish to join?
Welcome, child, to the Guild of Mages. You shall be called Associate by all. Recommendations you need, from all guild halls in Cyrodiil. None will be easy to acquire. Too many motives, too much noise. May luck be with you, and may your wisdom guide you well. The Arcane University will need your help someday. I have seen it.

Excuse me, I had a few questions.
Go ahead, please.
Now that I'm a member of the guild...can I just...grab a few things? It's all just to have, right?
That's right.

I have the solution to your problems! I need only return the staff to Darkfathom Cave.
Oh please, I beg you! Take this staff to Darkfathom Cave and get rid of it and the scamps forever! I can't fight, and who knows what's guarding the shrine? Plus, do you know how dirty caves are? It'll ruin anything I wear! Do this for me, and I'll reward you with another one of my curios I picked up a few years ago...a valuable ring. Are you ready?
Very well, I'm ready.
Here's the staff. As soon as you leave, the scamps will thankfully follow. Do be careful, I don't wish your death on my hands as well.

Hmm. Just as advertised. I don't feel all that slow, though.
The Staff of the Everscamp gives you a 20-point Speed penalty, but it's honestly not that big of an impediment.

I wonder...what if I were to just...

HaHA! Take that, you...

What in Oblivion...?

They just keep coming back.
So, here's a breakdown of the Everscamps. They only care about themselves - if you attack one, the others won't come to their aid. They do reappear next to you shortly after, though.

And I can...I can just kill them so easily!
They can be killed in just a few hits.

And they keep coming back. The staff weighs nothing, by the way.

Cheapest weapons training available. We'll never miss a +5 Strength Bonus again.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-7 + + )/