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Part 17: The Elder Updates XVII - Dark Derail

Dark Derail

Today, we're finally going to get around to some murdering.

Before that, though, there's a thing or two of interest in the Sanctuary.

I'll sell you equipment, but only because Ocheeva is making me. This family doesn't need any...outsiders.

M'raaj-Dar is just plain unwilling to accept a new member of his family, and it's worth pointing out that you can't even do the little Speechcraft mini-game with him, which is a nice touch. I'm tantalized by the idea of Dark Brotherhood spells, so let's see what those are all about.

Most of these are out of my skill and magicka range, but The Unwelcome Guest looks like a good deal to me. I don't really NEED it to open easy locks with, but it'll be something to use Alteration for!

I also pick up Night Mother's Caress, since it's a much-needed improvement over our piddly starter heal.

He's also got a number of magic items for sale, the most tempting of which is the Hands of Midnight. Of note is the Sun Damage enchantment, meaning that if we wear it in sunlight, we'll take damage. Could be useful for dungeon delving!

Next, I poke my head into the training room, and strike up a conversation with Gogron.

Gogron's awesome.

We also find a skill book,

And the BEST skill book. Scroll past the following wall of text if you like, but it's awesome.

Anonymous posted:

The Khajiit mind is not engineered for self-reflection. We simply do what we do, and let the world be damned. To put into words and rationalize our philosophy is foreign, and I cannot guarantee that even after reading this, you will understand us. Grasp this simple truth -- "q'zi no vano thzina ualizz" -- "When I contradict myself, I am telling the truth."

We are the Renrijra Krin. "The Mercenary's Grin¸" "The Laugh of the Landless," and "The Smiling Scum" would all be fair translations. It is a derogatory expression, but it is amusing so we have adopted it.

We have anger in our hearts, but not on our faces. We fight for Elsweyr, but we do not ally ourselves with the Mane, who symbolizes our land. We believe in justice, but do not follow laws.

"Q'zi no vano thzina ualizz."

These are not rules, for there is no word for "rules" in Ta'agra. Call them our "thjizzrini" -- "foolish concepts."

1. "Vaba Do'Shurh'do": "It Is Good To Be Brave"

We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Our cause is the noblest cause of all: defense of home. If we fail, we betray our past and our future. Our dead are "Ri'sallidad", which may be interpreted as "martyrs" in the truest, best sense of that word which is so often misused. We honor their sacrifice and, beneath our smiles, mourn them deeply.

Our bravery most obviously shows in the smile that is the "Krin" part of our name. This does not mean that we walk about grinning like the idiotic, baboonish Imga of Valenwood. We simply are entertained by adversary. We find an equal, fair fight tiresome in the extreme. We confidently smile because we know our victory in the end is assured. And we know our smiles drive our enemies insane.

2. "Vaba Maaszi Lhajiito": "It Is Necessary To Run Away"

We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Honor is madness. Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who died in brave battle against the forces of the Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri'sallidad had an escape route he or she failed to use, and died saying, "Damn."

When the great Senche-Raht comes to the Saimisil Steppes, he will find himself unable to hunt, unable to sleep, as the tiny Alfiq leap onto his back, biting him, and running off before he has a chance to turn his great body to face them. Eventually, though he may stubbornly hope to catch the Alfiq, the Senche-Raht always leaves. They are our cousins, the Alfiq, and we have adopted their strategy against the great tiger of Leyawiin.

Do not ally yourself with the Renrij if you yearn to be part of a mighty army, marching resolutely forth, for whom retreat is anathema. We will laugh at your suicidal idiocy as we slip into the reeds of the river, and watch the inevitable slaughter.

3. "Fusozay Var Var": "Enjoy Life"

Life is short. If you have not made love recently, please, put down this book, and take care of that with all haste. Find a wanton lass or a frisky lad, or several, in whatever combination your wise loins direct, and do not under any circumstances play hard to get. Our struggle against the colossal forces of oppression can wait.

Good. Welcome back.

We Renrijra Krin live and fight together, and know that Leyawiin and the Empire will not give way very soon, likely not in our lifetimes. In the time we have, we do not want our closest comrades to be dour, dull, colorless, sober, and virginal. If we did, we would have joined the Emperor's Blades.

Do not begrudge us our lewd jokes, our bawdy, drunken nights, our moonsugar. They are the pleasures that Leyawiin denies us, and so we take our good humor very seriously.

4. "Fusozay Var Dar": "Kill Without Qualm"

Life is short. Very short, as many have learned when they have crossed the Renrijra Krin.

We fight dirty. If an enemy is facing us, we might consider our options, and even slip away if his sword looks too big. If his back is to us, however, I personally favor knocking him down, and then jumping on his neck where the bones snap with a gratifying crunch. Of course, it is up to you and your personal style.

5. "Ahzirr Durrarriss": "We Give Freely To The People"

Let us not forget our purpose. We are fighting for our families, the Khajiiti driven from the rich, fertile shores of Lake Makapi and the River Malapi, where they and their ancestors lived since time immemorial. It is our battle, but their tragedy. We must show them, lest they are swayed by other rhetoric, that we are fighting for them.

The Mane, The Emperor, and The Count can give speeches, pass laws, and, living life in the open, explain their positions and philosophies to their people to stave off the inevitable revolution. Extralegal entities, such as the Renrijra Krin, must make our actions count for our words. This means more than fighting the good fight, and having a laugh at our befuddled adversaries. It means engaging and seducing the people. Ours is not a military war, it is a political war. If the people rise up against our oppressors, they will retreat, and we will win.

Give to these people, whenever possible, gold, moonsugar, and our strong arms, and though they hide, their hearts will be with us.

6. "Ahzirr Traajijazeri": "We Justly Take By Force"

Let us not forget our purpose. We are thieves and thugs, smugglers and saboteurs. If we cannot take a farm, we burn it to the ground. If the Imperials garrisoned in a glorious ancient stronghold, beloved by our ancestors, will not yield, we tear the structure apart. If the only way to rescue the land from the Leyawiin misappropriation is to make it uninhabitable by all, so be it.

We want our life and our home back as it was twenty years ago, but if that is not realistic, then we will accept a different simple, pragmatic goal. Revenge. With a smile.

Annnnd one more for the road. It's particularly boring.

At this point in time, I have apparently decided it's time to check Cat Stats. Never mind the armor.

Cat Stats

Class skills
Block: 32
Blunt: 26
Destruction: 38
Acrobatics: 46
Light Armor: 63
Marksman: 41
Speechcraft: 30

Not class skills
Armorer: 23
Athletics: 29
Blade: 32
Hand To Hand: 33
Heavy Armor: 20
Alchemy: 42
Alteration: 29
Conjuration: 25
Illusion: 17
Mysticism: 27
Restoration: 25
Mercantile: 18
Security: 30
Sneak: 30

Those little bars in the corner of the screen
Health: 114
Magicka: 151 with +15 bonus from Helmet of Power
Fatigue: 203

Onward to murder whilst I stoke the fires of intelligence.

I'm going to be forgoing the horse in favor of Athletics skill and alchemy ingredients.

Plus, the scenery'll do me some good, and- did I just go past the quest marker?


Might as well do this as long as we're in the area.


I think goblins might factor into this quest guys

They've got trouble with goblins, and we're tasked with passing out appropriate weapons.

We've got a two-handed sword and a warhammer, so this isn't exactly Professor Layton.

I'm not even gonna touch that one. That having been said, I have a bone to pick with this quest: the Redguard lady automatically takes the bow before you can give the other two weapons out, and the Wood Elf wants a sword. I know that each and every person has their own likes and dislikes, but this flies in the face of what we know about Redguard and Wood Elf bonuses, not to mention the heavy armor on the Wood Elf. I know I've been ambushed by Khajiit bandits wielding maces, but if you're going to give me a quest where I have to pass out weapons to three NPCs whose only defining characteristics are their races, at LEAST stick to the race archetypes you've established.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-7 + + (2 * ))/)

Well, this wasn't in the job description, but sure, why not?

Summarily, we kill goblins.

And I linger behind a bit to loot stuff while they kill goblins.

Naturally, this leads to us getting split up.

While tailing them, I find this fucker, full of arrows and not dead.

So yay. Next time we're in Cheydinhal, we can pick up our payment for clearing the mine of goblins, since that's the job we were sent on in the first place.

I am, of course, compelled to search the cave for loot first.


If it's not coming across in the screenshots, allow me to point out that this place is pretty twisty and confusing. I'm having to check and double-check the map to go where I want to instead of just exploring.


I should probably get going.

Next time, we really DO carry out an assassination, I promise.