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Part 18: The Elder Updates XVIII - Dark Doodles, Volume 1

You goons aren't getting an MS Paint update out of me, dammit.

You're getting an entire questline's worth of them.

Dark Doodles, Volume 1

As usual, there's pretty much nothing of interest between us and our next destination.

Well, that's a lie. There's the occasional boar in the overworld now. Being boars, they hit pretty damn hard, but that really shouldn't be a problem if you're actually trying to avoid its attacks. The meat it drops has Restore Health effect, which is always nice to have for alchemical purposes.

And three Clannfear, which are apparently bird-popes, hanging out by an Ayleid ruin which I couldn't be bothered to investigate.

I then got a silver longsword off a bandit I killed, but since it was too heavy to carry, I left my chainmail on her corpse.

We arrive at the Waterfront with little fanfare, and hide in a crate, thus allowing us to be smuggled into the hold undetected.

Now, here's the thing about this mission. For those of you who've forgotten, our mission is to kill the captain of this fine ship. Said ship is directly accessible from the waterfront. We could walk right onto the deck, kill the pirates who attack the player for setting foot on their ship (not pictured), and walk right into the captain's cabin. Instead, we're going to do as our questgiver recommended and take the long way to our objective.

Apart from having some decent weapons, though, the pirates below deck aren't that hard to deal with.

Since I left my only repairable armor on a bandit's corpse, I take said swords only to repair them and place them back on the pirates' corpses.

Before too long, we reach our target, Captain Gaston Tussaud.

He's...not much of an issue either. We steal his riches and elude a scripted encounter via the handy dandy rear exit. Not pictured: sleeping in his bed before said pirates break in so we can level up and cash in some underwhelming stat increases.

With Tussaud dead, we can go back to Cheydinhal and claim our reward. Sorry this one was a bit on the short side, but there's plenty more where that came from!