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Part 20: The Elder Updates XX - Dark Dropheadsmanship

Dark Dropheadsmanship

I can't believe there were OGRES inside that ruin. I'll have to be more careful where I explore.
I misremembered, by the way - Sterv has iron greaves too.

Ooh, cave.

Just goblins this time. Should be easy.

Hmm...arrows are fine, but perhaps there's treasure deeper inside.

...crabs and rats?
Yeah I don't know either. Rats have 4 HP while Mudcrabs have 10 HP, and neither one has ever been a threat to the player character. I'd say they play same role of Slimes in Dragon Quest, but even Dragon Quest throws more interesting varieties of Slimes at you as the game goes on. At a whopping level 8, we should NOT be running into these guys. There's just no excuse for this. LAZY.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-7 + + (3 * ))/)

That was thoroughly stupid. Back to my travels.

Gah! Lousy imps.

Actually, only about a third of imps are bastards. Imps seem to come in either fire-spell flavor, frost-spell flavor, or shock-spell flavor. Lightning projectiles actually move faster than fire or frost, and there are all of two creatures in the game with a resistance to it, so it's a pretty good idea to just keep a shock spell ready in general.

By the Nine. It's always something, isn't it?



Aha. Yet another Daedric shrine., so this is Namira's Shrine?
A place of blessed darkness. A holy place where we may worship in our wreckedness. Why are you here?
I was hoping to worship Namira.
You do? You are to pretty to worship in th is place. People like you. Like to hear you talk. When you are more loathesome, you may return.
Hmm. Noted.

As that dialog suggests, we can't do this quest until we lower our personality. The best way to do this is to guzzle several bottles of cheap, terrible wine, which is pretty hilarious.

Oh, whoops! Looks like I did get something out of that ruin after all. I don't really remember whether or not I sold it, but I'm not going to be using it for a while since, y'know, Armorer limitations.

Ahh. Here we are.

Target...should be over this way.

This is gonna call for the old magic sneaking suit.

All right, here we go.

...ah, right. He's not going to be in that spot until the evening. It's fine. I can wait.

No really, you can wait in this location. Apparently we get an exception to the game's trespassing rules here because I DON'T KNOW.

Now, where's that crawl-space Vicente told me about?
You can pretty much sneak right in front of Baenlin and he won't care. You pretty much have to get up in his grill and talk to him before he realizes there's an intruder in his house. Anyway, the thing we're looking for is upstairs.

Here it is.

If I just undo these...

There. The deed is done.
And the Sterv's legs are seen, thanks to TFC and angles we were never supposed to see from.

Now, hopefully...


Yeah, fuck walking back. If I've been from Cheydinhal to Bruma, I've earned the right to fast-travel from Bruma to Cheydinhal.

I present to you this dagger. It's an enchanted blade, known as Sufferthorn. Its prick is deadly, I assure you.
Sufferthorn has both Damage Health and Drain Strength enchantments, which are nice, but its physical prick pales in comparison to that of our our Silver Longsword, and it doesn't have too many charges. Maybe I'll use it once I've got better access to soul gems.

Now go, child of Sithis. Go and rest. You'll need it.
Well, you heard the vampire - see you next update! I've got a feeling it's gonna be a fun one.