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Part 23: The Elder Updates XXIII - What do you mean Naked Snake did it first?

What do you mean Naked Snake did it first?

I have arrived in Leyawiin, and I believe I have a plan for the future.

If I am to be any sort of hero, I need power. Power, and magical items.

Vicente has already promised me the gift of vampirism in the future. Until that gift is mine, I will work for the Dark Brotherhood tirelessly.

After that, I will focus on the Mages Guild, see if I can shore up more magical power.

I should also check out that...what was it, Frostcrag Spire? Sounds promising.
Oh hey, did I mention that we reached Journeyman level in Alchemy at some point? We can see three magical effects per ingredient now, so, that happened.

This Scar-Tail shouldn't be too far...

Aha! That must be him.

Careful now...


Hah. Trivial.

Eurgh. It's...sticky.

Hmm. Odd rock formation.

Teinaava will be pleased.

They are called the Boots of Bloody Bounding, and carry a powerful enchantment. I'm sure you will find them useful.

Hey, not bad at all! Might have to use these once I'm actually able to repair magical items.

We're usually called upon to take a life, but not this time. This contract requires us to stage the assassination of a marked man. Are you ready?
You must go to the city of Chorrol and break into the house of Francis Motierre. Inside you will find Motierre waiting for you. Do not kill him!
Why not, exactly?
You see, Francois Motierre is a marked man. He owes a considerable sum to the wrong kind of people. So, they have sent an enforcer to kill him. Here. You will use this specially poisoned knife to stage Motierre's death, in the enforcer's presence. Motierre himself will provide more details.

So, this knife...
The blade has been coated with a rare poison called Languorwine. One drop in a normal human bloodstream will mimic the effects of death immediately.
I have provided you with a vial of antidote, which will be used to revive Francois Motierre after you successfully stage his death. You should also know that there's only enough Languorwine on the blade for this one contract. After Motierre is sliced, the knife will be useless.
Noted. And...what was this special arrangement?

In order to accept the contrac,t we demanded a life. Motierre offered his mother, and we accepted. Lucien has already taken care of that...detail.

Chorrol, eh? That's awfully far...



Too easy.
That horse has got some EYES, man.

Gah! Wizard!


Bad horse.

And then, a whole lot of nothing happened. I managed to lose track of the horse, but I got my hands on a wolf pelt!

Ahh, Chorrol.

...ah. Bandit.
Click here for a fine example of Radiant AI.

Well, that worked out.

Now, I've got a, uh...non-lethal job to do.

This feels like the place.

Oh!, hello. You must be the one Lucien Lachance told me about. I've been expecting you. We haven't got much time, I'm afraid. I borrwed quite a bit of gold from some Underworld types. I...I missed a payment. Now they don't even want the money. They say I insulted them! They've sent an enforcer to kill me! His name is Hides-His-Heart, and he's on his way here now! That's why I hired you! So you can fake my death!

When...when Hides-His-Heart gets here, I'll put on a little act. You'll cut me with your poison knife, and that idiot will think I'm dead! Okay? After that, you must flee from Chorrol, and Hides-His-Heart must not be killed! That way he can go back and tell his employers I'm dead.

Got all that? Good! Hides-His-Heart will be here any moment. Get ready! Oh, I do hope this works.


...oh dear.

Ohhhhhhh dear.

I should go.

And now...

...I wait.

I do hope he's okay.

...wonder how it must feel.

A well-placed neck rubbing will do the trick. me to something I may have failed to mention before. My ancestors will see my "revival" as a desecration of their tomb.
This Undercroft is...well...quite cursed. Any desecration will cause my ancestors to rise from their graves and defend their resting place.
Ah. Of course.
I can hear them coming as we speak! You must protect me...escort me to the Gray Mare where I can buy passage out of Chorrol!

Stick close!

Re-die, you wretches!
Here I make the mistake of using the Languourwine Blade. It has supremely shitty damage and is really only good for slashing Motierre, but I still had it equipped.

As for you...

Burn to the ground.

Pah! What's one more of you?

Come on. Let's get you to the Grey Mare.

From here I will be able to arrange for transportation out of Cyrodiil! You have served me well, assassin. Francois is forever in your debt! Farewell!
Not pictured, but noted for posterity: some guy wants me to help his sons fight strange creatures.


Cruelty's Heart is a pretty good amulet. Since we're level 9, it SHOULD increase our Willpower and Strength by 5 points each. However, due to an oversight, the version you get if you're level 5-9 is not integrated into the game at all, dooming us to the inferior version that only confers 3 points to the aforementioned stats. Way to fuck it up, Bethesda.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-8 + + (3 * ))/)

I present to you now this key. It unlocks the well behind the Abandoned House above. Use it to gain hidden, quick access to this Sanctuary.
Wait! Don't you have any more work for me?
Well now, you are an ambitious one, aren't you? I'm afraid I have no more contracts for you. Our time working together has come to an end. Instead, you must report to Ocheeva, here in the Sanctuary. She will be providing all your contracts from now on, and is waiting for you as we speak..

Before you go, however, I intend to make god on an offer I made some time ago. As a vampire, I may pass my gift on to others as I see fit. You have served me well, and I choose to extend that gift to you. Shall I use my d-

Three days later...

My spire awaits.
As a vampire, things are gonna be a little different. We get +5 to Acrobatics, Athletics, Destruction, Hand to Hand, Illusion, Mysticism and Sneak as well as Strength, Willpower and Speed right off the bat, as well as a 5% resistance to normal weapons. It comes, however, with a 20% weakness to fire. If we go for 24 hours without feeding on someone and then wait, sleep or fast travel, we advance to the next "stage" of vampirism, of which there are four. With each stage, both the benefits and the drawbacks grow in magnitude. Since we take damage in the sunlight from stage 2 onward, we'll be traveling at night as much as possible. Feeding on someone will set us back to stage 1. If you're confused, read this.

Next time: Frostcrag Spire!