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Part 24: The Elder Updates XXIV - Spire Sweet Spire

Spire Sweet Spire

Right. Vampiric powers: check. Time to go check out my new tower.

It should be...this way?


I'll just stick to the road, though.

Easier that way, you know.

No need to deal with rough terrain and-


On second thought, the shortest distance between two points IS a straight line...

Yes. I will make good time like this.

Something here?

Aha. Another shrine.

Yes, hello. Whose shrine is this?
This is the shrine of Azura, Queen of the Dawn and the Dusk. What is your business here, traveller?
I wish to summon Azura.
If you wish to speak to the Lady, visit her shrine at dawn or dusk. Leave her an offering of glow dust, and perhaps she will deign to speak with you.
I see. I will be back.

I'll have to see about that once I've settled into my tower.

Oh, and to whoever suggested I pick up Feather, thank you, it owns.

Always with the bandits.

Always with the wolves!


Can't be much further...


It's glorious...

Huh. this it?

All that's here is this book...


As I pen this, I gaze upon the walls of my home and remember the very day its design came to fruition. Although it seems like yesterday, it was actually many years ago. I was an impetuous wizard; I wasn't simply satisfied living at the Arcane University. I spent years coming up with a design for my home, a place where I could practice my magic in peace and keep myself away from the prying eyes of my colleagues. I pored over tomes and dusty scrolls, scoured the bookshops of the land and even delved into ancient ruins looking for inspiration. Finally, as I rested my weary body at a camp outside of Bruma and marveled in awe at the majesty of the Jerall Mountains, I became inspired. Like a madman I began to sketch exactly what I wanted my grand dwelling to look like. It wasn't long before I had completed my masterpiece, put down my quill and took a step back to see what I had wrought. Frostcrag Spire was born.

And now, as age overwhelms me and the glow is dying from my eyes, I wish to give the Spire to you. The thought that my dream could one day crumble to ruin fills me with sadness. I know that you'll take care of your new home, and if need be, restore it to its former glory. Please, heed my instructions carefully. There's much to tell, and the strength drains from my limbs.

Frostcrag Spire contains many wonderful inventions. I've spent my whole life perfecting them, and I hope you'll put them to good use. My pride and joy is the Atronach Altar. By bringing three salts from the very same creatures to this altar, you can summon an Atronach Familiar to do your bidding. It will obey your simple commands, and defend you in times of need. Should you tire of it, simply speak to it and dismiss it. These fine creatures have protected me in my travels, and should be of great use to you.

With permission from the Arcane University, I've had a Spellmaking and an Enchanting Altar placed in the tower as well. You have but to provide the Magetallow Candles to power them, and they will serve you well.

Working closely with my good friend Sinderion, the Master Alchemist of Skingrad, I have developed the Frostcrag Apparatus Table. This table is for the discerning alchemist, and should help even the most difficult brews become easier to create. I've also re-seeded my alchemy conservatory with the best ingredients Cyrodiil has to offer, and some from beyond her borders.

Finally, I have created portals to all of the Mages Guilds in Cyrodiil. This should make it easier to travel to them in times of need.

I've entrusted most of my belongings to Aurelinwae at the Mystic Emporium in the Market District of the Imperial City. There you'll find everything you need to bring Frostcrag Spire back from the dead. She may require compensation for her time and care watching these special items, but I assure you, it's well worth the coin. Please, take care of Frostcrag Spire. She was my home and much of myself is infused with the stone and mortar. May your journeys be safe, and the roads you travel free of danger.

All quite interesting. Perhaps I should pay a visit to the Mystic Emporium. But...where are all of these things? I see no garden, no altars...



...vault? Nnngh. the Altar of Enchanting.

Which means this one is for spellcraft!

This would be the Atronach Altar, so I'll just leave any Salts I find here.

Living Area? Could be pleasant.

There might be something good in the vault, though...

Hmm. A bit...bare, isn't it?

Hopefully the Living Area is a bit more interesting.

This one's empty too...but what's this?

And here we have the garden.

Basically, all of the harvestable overworld plants are replicated here.

There's even a few plants from the Planes of Oblivion. No Shivering Isles stuff, though.

Since it all grows back, it's great for alchemy binging, and as far as I'm aware it's the only time you get a cool thing out of paying for a DLC house without having to sink gold into it.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-7 + + (3 * ))/)

What's through here?

Hmmm. More of those teleport pads.


Seems to be one for every major city. I wonder...

Here we are.

Let's go see a lady about some candles.
Not pictured: walking from the Arcane University plaza to the Market District and offloading a bunch of potions and some thoroughly useless crap at The Copious Coinpurse.

There's a number of improvements available for our bitchin' tower here. I intend to get them all eventually, but need to save our gold...

...for these. We're picking up both sets of Magetallow Candles so we can have access to spellmaking and enchanting straightaway.

Perhaps The Gilded Carafe has some glow dust.

What's this about Thoronir?
That guy is going to run me out of business soon. His prices are so low, I don't know how he does it. I think he's up to something. If you're interested, you should head over to Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise. She heads up a committee that is trying to investigate it.
Hmm. I'll look into it.
I hate Thoronir's fat little face, so I think we'll be doing this quest very soon.

Hmm. No glow dust here.

Perhaps at the other alchemy store.
Which is pretty easy to miss, I might add!

There we go.

Now to make my way to Azura's shrine.
We don't want to fast travel, though. It's hard to know when we'll get there, and it might just fling us into the next stage of vampirism, which would be a recipe for some serious sunburn.

Pretty much the only notable thing to happen was that I stumbled upon a Black Bear and managed to get its soul. Our very first Common-size soul, in fact. Doesn't sound like much, but it's the biggest thing we can expect to get our hands on at this stage in the game. We'll put it to good use.

Hmm. Is it dusk right now? I'll just put the glow dust up here, and...

Mercy killing, eh?

I can do that.
Way to jump up a mountain, me.

Well, here goes nothing.

Moments later...

The vampires - I'm sorry, the Afflicted Brethren - in this cave are pretty strong, so watch out for that.

Just...four more.

Gah! Two of them?!

I'll take care of the caster first.


The orc, though...I don't think I can take her.

...I think I have an idea.

Double back, and...

These. These will serve me well. Yes.

Ah, paintbrushes. They have no physics, but they DO have collision. What this means is that, when dropped, they become immovable objects floating in midair.

As you can see, you can take advantage of this and create NPC barricades.

I go on to use this tactic on the remaining vampires, because they're basically bullshit.

We also grab this Elven Warhammer since it's worth crazy moolah. Also, one of them had some magic arrows, so yoink.

There. Done. Now to head back and claim my reward.

By. The. NINE. This is going to be most useful.
For those of you who don't know, Azura's Star is, essentially, a reusable Grand Soul Gem. Unlike other Soul Gems, it doesn't disappear when used to enchant or recharge an item. Between this and the Everscamps, we'll never be low on juice for our items again.

Now, back to the Spire, and...what is this?

I COULD use just a little catnap...


Stage 2 vampirism is go. Now we've got +10 to our vampire attributes and skills, but we also take damage in sunlight now.

I need to get to the Spire.

Almost dawn.

The sun! No!


Well, that's irritating.
Thankfully, it's just 1 damage per second at this stage of vampirism, which is laughably easy to put up with. Did I mention we ganked a dwarven shield from the Gutted Mine?

Okay then. Back to the Spire.

Candles in their place...let's whip up a spell.

I'd like to direct your attention to Fortify Attribute and Fortify Skill. Since we picked a birthsign that increased some attributes of ours, we "know" Fortify Attribute, which when used in conjunction with the Spellmaking or Enchanting altars can be used to fortify ANY of our attributes other than health, fatigue or magicka. Same goes for Fortify Skill, which is why getting the Gray Prince's Training buff was so important.

Just a simple missile to start with.



I am out of money.

Cat Stats

Class skills
Block: 39
Blunt: 26
Destruction: 54
Acrobatics: 63
Light Armor: 68
Marksman: 45
Speechcraft: 30

Not class skills
Armorer: 36
Athletics: 45
Blade: 49
Hand To Hand: 49
Heavy Armor: 42
Alchemy: 56
Alteration: 36
Conjuration: 36
Illusion: 34
Mysticism: 40
Restoration: 31
Mercantile: 20
Security: 34
Sneak: 46

Those little bars in the corner of the screen
Health: 152
Magicka: 175
Fatigue: 257

Shiny, clinky gold: 29

Next time: fundraising!