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Part 25: The Elder Updates XXV - Cat Arena Helm

Cat Arena Helm

Well, I've got a lovely wizard tower. It's just...kind of bare.

What I need now is money. The big city should be a fine place to start.

I seem to recall there was someone I should speak to at the Arcane University about some crystals.

That must be- is that a locked display case

I never can resist a lock.

Wait, I don't need these. I have the Star. Guess I could always sell th-

Oh my.
Oh goody.

I am told you know of Garridan's Tears.
You aren't the first person to go looking for those. Quite a remarkable story, really. I know a bit about it.
Please, I wish to hear it.
Certainly. Garridan was a knight who lorded over a small village of peaceful farmers. One harvest summer, there was a horrible drought. The farmers appeared to Garridan to discover a solution. He spent a week consulting with sages, until one of them mentioned a possibility.
What was it?
The sage told him of an artifact called the Everflow Ewer. The vessel, which looked like a silver pitcher, was said to supply endless water.

Yes, indeed. Legend has it that Garridan found the Ewer, and that it was guarded by a fearsome creature. It is also said that the creature froze him. When Garridan realized his quest was a failure, and he wouldn't be able to return and save the farmers, he began to shed some tears. As the ice enveloped him, some of his tears were frozen as well. Some even say that the Divine, Mara, took pity on the poor knight.

You know, if you're really interested in more, there's a book I read once called "Knightfall." It may have more about Garridan.
I think I saw a copy last time I was at The First Edition Bookshop in the Market District.
Hmm. Thank you.

Next stop, The F

Apparently, the sun's glare is much harsher (and kinda hard to look at in fullscreen) when in the second stage and onward of vampirism. Obviously this can get a little irritating at times, but I have to say, it's pretty creative! I can respect that.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-6 + + (3 * ))/)


Okay, let's just get that book...

The First Edition, right?

...oh, b'vek, that's right. I need gold.
Hey, remember how I grabbed that Elven Warhammer so I could hock it for a pretty penny?

Only one thing for it, I guess.
Well, I entirely forgot I had it.

So now it's time for a shitload of Arena fights. The glare off the sand and sky was pretty damn intense, I gotta say.

Still, relatively easy money.

Some of the opponents here have some pretty swanky weaponry, like that Glass Warhammer! Arena opponents are fixed rather than leveled, though, so that's not really a result of our new Level 10 self.

Sufferthorn saw a lot of use here.

There was also a fight against three Argonian prisoners, which was...kind of an interesting premise in terms of writing, but it was also an unreasonably hard fight.

I like to think they billed this one as a cat-on-cat fight.

We climb the ranks to Hero, and before we know it, it's nighttime, so no more Arena fighting for now.

Hmm...that was a bit hard on the old headgear.

You know, you're not the best helmet.

I could do a lot better in terms of protection...

As a vampire, you feed on people by interacting with them in their sleep. This rolls you back to stage 1 vampirism, and whether or not you're caught in the act is just a basic stealth check, so if you can pickpocket someone in their sleep, you can probably feed on them safely, and vice versa.


Yes, I'm fast traveling. We just fed, so there's not really any risk of crossing over into stage 2 vampirism along the way.

But you've gotten me through some tough times.

You are a good helmet.

I've got more footage, but I figured I'd end the update on this note. Next time, we do those two quests we came to the Imperial City for in the first place.