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Part 27: The Elder Updates XXVII - These quests can eat a dick

These Quests Can Eat a Dick

Jensine has rewarded me for getting to the bottom of this whole Thoronir business. Not a huge sum, but it will help. Besides, I should be able to sell off that magic sword I got off the graverobber.

The ring I got from Thoronir protects against the cold as'll be invaluable in Frostfire Glade.

I'll just grab a quick bite before I head out.

From what I read in that book, it's not far from Namira's shrine. If I'm right, I'll need these.

Let's see here...

Not far from Fort Horunn. I'll make my way to the fort, then head for the glade.

Since we just fed, we can fast travel over to Fort Horunn pretty freely.

Here we are.

Now, Frostfire Glade should be-

One moment.
Trolls are pretty much what you'd expect from their appearance: big, burly, and more than willing to pummel you. Just keep a distance and they won't pose too much of a threat.

Frostfire Glade should be...mmmmh...
Also, fire works wonders against them.

Juuuuuust over here.

Better slip the ring on now just in case.

In I go.

Just some Timber Wolves in this nondescript portion of cave. Feels good to bust out Sufferthorn more often now that I've got unlimited souls!

...he typed, just before scrolling ahead in the footage to a bear he fought with his Dwarven Longsword.

Also, turns out that Heal Major Wounds spell we got a while back is way too inefficient. We're going back to Night Mother's Caress.

On that note, Sterv's magicka regen is coming along nicely!

okay maybe there were multiple bears

The next thing to stand in my way is going to get a face full of fireballs. Fireballs made of bear ghosts.

But I digress. The cave was still mostly wolves.

This must be the entrance to the Glade proper. I've got the Refined Frost Salts, so I need only touch the door.

The quest text pops up and tells me the cold in this place is unbearable without magical protection, so let's pop off the ring for a moment.

There it goes! This area's gimmick is that it constantly deals frost damage.

It hurts more when you get into this snowy bit in the middle, but the Weatherward Circlet pretty much reduces the effect to a mere tickle.

The Tears must be around here somewhere.
And now for some bullshit! This whole area's bloomed as fuck, with little dark texture swirls and smudges in the snow. There are five of Garridan's Tears, and we need to find them all.

See the Tear? It's that thing due left of Sterv's elbow. Passed right by it!

This quest is, in essence, finding needles in a haystack. A haystack which is killing you. I can assure you this would be fucking unmanageable without frost protection.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-10 + + (3 * ))/)


F-four more...I think.
Fun fact: this, and all previous quest notifications, imply that you don't have to get all five and the reward is just better if you do. This is not the case!



Ugh...this is truly unbearable. Maybe I'll find the rest later.

This trip doesn't need to be a total loss. I can try to speak with Namira.

Bottoms up!

Prove to me that you deserve my favor. In Anga, my Forgotten have lived in peace for many years.

Priests of Arkay have intruded upon their squalor. I want you to help my Forgotten kill these priests of the Light.

Boy oh boy, this could be interesting!


Explore these ruins chock full of nothing to loot or kill!

Find the priest, cast your eeeevil daedric spell on him and watch his torch go out, enabling Namira's worshipers to beat him to death! It's so grimdark!

Then do the exact same thing three more times! I don't care how lore-appropriate this is, it sucks. Give me something to do other than cast MAKE EVENT HAPPEN on event mans. Make the event different for each of them? Put monsters in the ruins? I don't know, it's a video game, give me shit to do.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-11 + + (3 * ))/)

In the end, though, we get a nice ring. Reflect Damage 12% on Self means that, of any physical damage we take, 12% will be negated ant thrown right back at the attacker. Reflect Spell 10% on Self means that, quite simply, we have a 10% chance to straight-up turn an incoming spell against the caster. Powerful stuff

Next time, we'll see about getting those crystals!

Oh look they were outside of the bullshit quest all along. Never mind!