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Part 29: The Elder Updates XXIX - Road to Recommendation, Part 1

Road to Recommendation, Part 1

Last time, we completed the Mages Guild quest in Bruma, netting us our second recommendation. Along with the one in Cheydinhal we did ages ago, that leaves five more before we can get into the Arcane University, so we're going to be making a circuit and hit up Chorrol, Anvil, Skingrad, Bravil and Leyawiin in that order before heading back to the Imperial City so we can take advantage of the spellmaking facilities in the Arcane University finally join the Thieves Guild.

To Chorrol, then!

Now, who's in charge around here?
Nice curtains.



Well, that was...interesting, if not pertinent.
There's a bevy of Soul Gems scattered in the display cases in here. None of 'em have anything better than a Common soul, so they're going to be weapon food.
Besides, I have my own plans regarding enchantment fuel.

Not much in the upstairs storage.

Downstairs has some tasty loot, though!

Where IS everybody?!


There we are. Just a matter of time.

Hmm. This guy's the only one with a robe around here.

Are you in charge of recommendations?
I'm afraid I can't just write one out of hand. That woudl be against protocols, you see.
If perhaps you can clear up a small matter involving Earana, you can prove your loyalty to the guild and earn my recommendation.

She and I have an unpleasant history. She does not care for Guild regulations, and errantly believes I am mis-using my powers.

Determine what she's after, and how we may be rid of her. I do not want her hear, spreading her lies.
I'll see what I can do.

Not before doing a bit of window shopping, of course! A number of tempting conjuration spells on sale here, but it's all way out of our league. We'll be back after properly cheesing the fuck out of Sterv's conjuration skill.

Now, where's that Earana?

There you are.

Best if kept just between us, yes? So, what say you?
Excellent. It's a simple task, really - all you need to do is fetch a book for me.

You'll find it at an old ruin called Cloud Top. It's north of Chorrol, up in the mountains. I'm afraid I don't have an exact location.
I'll work it out.
Return it to me immediately when you have it. Make no mention of it to Teekeeus or anyone else in your guild. I will make it well worth your effort.

Might as well do a bit of shopping while I'm out. I wonder...

Will you teach me to repair my armor more effectively?
I decide to blow a whopping 2000 gold on Armorer training here, bringing Sterv's skill up to 43. It's expensive, but the sooner we hit 50, the sooner we can go hog wild making enchanted gear.

We also go to the bar and see this Reynald Jemane fellow, who asks us to help solve his little mistaken identity problem. We'll see about that next time we're in Cheydinhal.

But I digress.

Earana's after a book called "Fingers of the Mountain".
What? Not only does it exist, but she knows where it is? Well, this is unacceptable. That book needs to be in the safe-keeping of the Guild.

Are we clear? Ignore her request, go to this place she has described, and return with the book. This is far more important than any petty squabble. Should you go looking for it, I hope that it would be for the sole purpose of bringing it here.

Right. The book should beeeee...
I'm not going to include the boring five-minute walk to Cloud Top because OF COURSE I'M NOT.



I'll just be taking this.

Now, we have a choice here. Should we take the book back to Earana or Teekeeus? It's in your hands, goons.