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Part 31: The Elder Updates XXX - Road to Recommendation, Part 2

Road to Recommendation, Part 2

Welcome back! Today we're going to be taking on the quest for the Anvil Mages Guild, but not before being accosted by a friendly Argonian in Chorrol's town square. I'm sure she'll never come up again.

To Anvil!
Although I'm not sure if I showed it, Sterv's recently fed, so I decide to fast travel.

Now...where is the Mages Guild?

This man does not speak of the Mages Guild, but he does mention an unholy disaster visited upon the chapel, and a "Prophet" that's popped up recently.

It may be worth looking into, at a later date.
The Prophet is who we'd want to see to do Knights of the Nine stuff, but as others have pointed out, it's more worthwhile to do it at a later level.

Ah, here we




Where is everyone?

...oh. Right.
This happens to me way too often.

So does this.

Perhaps everyone is upstairs?




A big thanks to Chaz GELF, who I bribed with a Steam game to make this beautiful animated Sterv.

Accessorize a bit, and...there! Fancy.

Now, let's see who's in charge of recommendations around here.

Far too much wandering around the guild hall later...

And here we see the amazing bloom of advanced vampirism in action. Ow.

Then allow me to explain the task. The Council of Mages has entrusted me with resolving a situation along the Gold Road.

You are going to help me do so.

As you are new to the guild, you are less likely to be recognized as a member. This may give you an advantage in getting to the root of the problem.

We believe the killings are the actions of a rogue mage. Battlemages have been sent to the Brina Cross Inn, the only common link between the victims.

So we're given some resistance scrolls to fend off the horrible rogue mage and sent on our merry way. Not that it'll matter, because who the fuck ever remembers they have scrolls?

Brina Cross Inn...

I think that's to the nnnnAAAAAAAAGH!
That khajiit in the robes is M'aiq the Liar. His dialog is jokey stuff about the difference between games, and sometimes rumors, generally.

See? That sort of thing. Anyway, I'm not going to be going out of the way to talk to him, so have all of his dialog.

Shouldn't be too far...
Oh yeah, one more thing: with Sterv in plain clothes and light armor, I've noticed that he's pretty damn zippy. Never realized heavy armor was such a drag on speed! We're definitely going to be dumping the heavy armor once we get a few more levels in Endurance.

Here it is.

Brina Cross Inn is pretty ridiculously close to Anvil. A brisk walk at best.

Yes. I'm here about the savage wizard-muggings.
We find the important NPC in short order thanks to our quest compass, of course.

Go and speak with Christophe. Rent a room for the night. Once you have your room, I will meet you there.
And then?
If anyone asks, you are a traveling merchant, nothing more. Do not say otherwise to anyone.
Well, I'm certainly dressed for the part.

Let me guess, traveling for business? You don't look like you're out for a stroll.
Yes. Merchant business, for I am a merchant.
Ah, yes. Thought so. We get many of them traveling through here. Well, used to.
Used to?

Oh, my.
I don't like to talk about it much, as it's bad for business. At any rate, would you care for a bed for the night?
No, sir. I would care for a bed for the night...AT THE CHEAPEST RATE AVAILABLE!

My room should be up the stairs, back of the hall.

Hm. Not many creature comforts to be had.

Aha! That must be...

Nnnnnnot Arielle.

Yes. I travel, and I trade goods. As merchants do.
Don't you worry, what with the recent killings and all? I'd be ever so scared, if it were me. I haven't left the Inn in days, juts in case!
Nonsense. I cannot trade my goods from the Inn. I must keep moving.

You, too.

Chatty one, her.

There's Arielle.

Once you've rested here, you need to continue along the Gold Road, heading east towards Kvatch.
Lure the mage out, yes? Clever.
I shall be following out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you.
Hah! It will not come to this, khajiit assures you.
Should you be confronted by this cowardly mage, do not hesitate to protect yourself by whatever means possible.
Well, of course.
Once the mage has revealed himself, we will step in and settle the matter quickly. Not, get yourself some sleep. You'll need to be well-rested.

One nap later...

Down the Gold Road...
Goddamn, this movement speed is so much better than heavy armor.

Hmm...what's she doing here?
Seriously, look at how far behind the Everscamps are.

I'llbe taking whatever you're carrying. After you're dead, of course. I do hope it's more than the last few had. They were most disappointing.
Oh, I won't disappoint. I've got all manner of expensive magical items.

Just look at this fine staff!

And that's that. Three more to go!