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Part 35: The Elder Updates XXXIV - Road to Recommendation, Part 4

FredMSloniker posted:

Uh, you getting burnt out on Oblivion? Because if you think most of the rest of the game is too boring to show us...

Shugojin posted:

He already abandoned an Oblivion LP once!

LEGO Genetics posted:

He can't end the Oblivion LP now!
Guys, there are these things called JOKES.

Road to Recommendation, Part 4

I have licked my wounds long enough. There is business to attend to.
Note our ugly little hodge-podge of Mithril and Dwarven armor. We'll be hanging on to at least some Heavy Armor in the name of Endurance training.

Now, let's see...what was it the Mages Guild wanted from me here?

Ah, that's right. The Seer's Stone, I believe it was.

But first, I should sell some of my loot.

Nnnnnnot to you, though.

You'll do.
That glow around him is a Charm effect. We're using our daily Vampire's Seduction (which, lest we forget, is only available at stage 2 vampirism or above) to raies his disposition and get better deals.

So we mostly sell our more useless potions and summarily leave about a thousand septims richer.

Now, let us see what we can discover.

Ah. You. I've got something for you...

And 800 more gold!

Wonderful. Have you seen Dagail's amulet?
I'm afraid I don't know anything about it. I heard it was missing, though.
Yes. This is why khajiit asks, you realize.
Kalthar was talking about it recently. He seemed very agitated about it. Almost...happy. Strange, isn't that?
Hmm, quite so. Thank you.

Don't mind that NPC chatter.

Have you seen Dagail's amulet, by any chance?
Well, well. Word is finally spreading, is it? They won't be able to keep up this facade much longer!
Yeah, I know all about it. I overheard Agata and Dagail talking. And you know what? I'm glad it's gone!
So I've heard...
Why should we be forced to work under someone who's only kept sane by a magical trinket? Haven't we sacrificed enough already?
If she is sane, she is sane, yes?
She shouldn't even be here anymore. Hell, the only reason her father ever fit in anywhere is because he kept a low profile. And look what it got him! Years of service to the Empire, and not even a tombstone over his head! Hrmph. At least he was able to maintain the illusion of sanity.

I know, I get way too fired up over this. It just annoys me that she's in charge of the guild, when she's clearly not fit. That's all.

Well, thank you for your time.

I didn't buy any spells off of her, but it should be noted that Agata sells both Reflect Spell and Spell Absorption for sale. You can bet we'll be back for that eventually.

No. Never mind. Kalthar seemed quite worked up about the Seer's Stone. And Agata's father, for whatever reason.
So Kalthar overheard us, did he? That explains why he's been so cranky lately.
(Hmm...does it?)
But we never said anything about Dagail's father. How would he know anything about that?
Perhaps he, too, used such an amulet.
If there's some sort of connection between the seer's stone and Dagail's father. I don't know about it. Maybe if you ask her, it will jog her memory.
Hmm. Worth a try.
In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on Kalthar.

I was wondering if you could tell me about-
You seek more from me, child? It is as I have seen. I know what you would ask. You would bring light to that which is in darkness, bring silence to the voices so loud. I know where you must go.

What was my sire's must be mine, if you would have the words you seek. You must go and find his stone.

I must go... Yes.

Hmph. Crawling with bandits, naturally.

Easy enough. peculiar.

Wizards? Pfah!

No amount of magicka will avail you!


Oooh, nice dagger.

Hah! Swing your oversized sword while you can.

If you're curious, the boots are no better than our Dwarven.

Nice gauntlets!
Sterv is such the fucking hodgepodge of armor right now.

I goal is here.


Oh, uh...

Hi, Kalthar.
Kalthar has a little breakdown here, and I didn't think transcription would do it justice. I recommend watching the video for yourself, but if you don't, spoilers he was the bad guy all along.

Die, fetcher.
Also, I hit Journeyman in Blade. Now I can do a horribly inconvenient charge move while moving sideways to disarm my opponent!

The deed is done. I should tell Dagail so I can get my recommendation.

Riiiiiiiiiiight after my sparring session.
Only one more to go!