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Part 36: The Elder Updates XXXV - On to Bravil

On to Bravil

One last quest to take care of, but first, we've got a bit of dialog to see to.

I believe I have just the thing with which to seal them.
Found it, have you? Silenced the hands that betrayed, and took what was mine? Then let me have the stone, so that the voices can be shut out.
Absolutely. Here.

Ah, child. I thank you for helping me. With the voices quieted for now, the words you seek have come to me. You shall have my...recommendation.
Khajiit will be going, then.
Though I must warn you. I have seen things in your future. Things which may be, and things which will be.
It will be up to you to decide the fate of many. Life and death are strange things, easily manipulated, and both will be altered by your hands.
The fate of many?
Strange. He saw something in you. Trusted you.

The Amulet has power. Only a true heir of the Blood can wear it, they say. He must have given it to you for a reason.

I wonder...

...oh well. To Bravil, then.

To Bravil indeed! A walk between cities is a walk between cities - same as ever.

But this time we're not taking any chances with Will-o-the-Wisps.

A fort catches my eye. We've had some luck recently, and this is an RPG at the end of the day, so hey, why not?

I attempt to disarm the bandit near the entrance, which proves to be little more than an exercise in spinning like a jackass and missing a lot.

The fort itself was mostly full of vampires, and I decided to get some use out of the Silence poisons I'd brewed here and there.

We get an Elven Sword out of the deal as well as a much-needed upgrade over the Radiant Silverbow. Not bad at all!

Almost there...

What is this? A bandit? it human?

It is not human.

It looks like a plant...perhaps it will burn like one.


Now for you!

Spriggans are back, and they're far less of a pain than they ever were in Bloodmoon. They're weak to fire, and as you can see they're capable of summoning a Black Bear, which makes for a credible threat.

Instead of COMING BACK TO LIFE TWICE OVER like they did before, they have a powerful healing spell. They can also drain your Luck, which is only barely worth mentioning.

They hit hard, but aren't particularly difficult to avoid, and they're hardly HP sponges. Pretty creepy-looking, too! I dare say this is a good enemy.

By the gods...I've never seen anything like that.

Hmmm...come to think of it...

Ever since the Emperor's assassination, things have been a

Maybe...maybe this is all tied to the Emperor's death. Maybe things are getting WORSE.

Perhaps I should take the Amulet of Kings to this Jauffre fellow after my business at the Mages Guild. Perhaps then we will get to the bottom of this.'s useless to me anyhow.

Hmm...running low on hammers.
I also snagged an Elven Bow for later enchanting. Probably from that fort earlier, if I remember correctly.



So yeah, mountain lions are a thing and they're about what you'd expect.

...moving on.

Ooh. I could do with a charge.

...oh dear.


Right. What is my plan.

Ah. I know. Draw the magicka from the well...

...and RUN!

So hey, as long as we're on the subject of Will-o-the-Wisps, remember when we hit Journeyman in Hand-to-Hand? Turns out that lets us punch ghosts and shit, and while awesome, the game never tells you. Did you not think this was warranted a mention? Did it not cross your mind that people might want to know that Hand-to-hand is not strictly inferior to using actual weaponry in this regard? Would've been pretty good to know, Bethesda!

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-12 + - + (3 * ))/)


...I'm just going to let myself into town now.