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Part 38: The Elder Updates XXXVII - Road to Recommendation, Part 5

Road to Recommendation, Part 5

Just one more recommendation before we can be done with Mages Guild stuff for a while. But first, some closure on the whole Dreamworld thing.

I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of coin, but allow me to present you with something that may help in your travels.

Hmmm...functional. Here's your amulet back.
A modest reward, but hey, we just got a voucher for one free dinosaur attack. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, to see about that recommendation. I wonder-...wait a minute. Her!

Hello. I must ask something of you.
You're here for a recommendation, I presume. Are you prepared to earn it?
This is how it goes, yes?

Perhaps you can help with that, however. I can't directly get involved, for fear of embarassing the poor girl.
Guild business is guild business. What would you ask of Khajiit?
I'll need you to have a little chat with Varon Vamori, and you can learn something about the power of Illusion in the process.
How does Vamori play into this?

I don't undertand it. Some ridiculous male thing, I suppose. He's been bothering Ardaline every day for a while now. He even stole her Mages' Staff!
Hmmmmmm? Usually staves are GIVEN in this kind of situation.

...go on.
Perhaps he thinks it's amusing; I don't know. But it needs to stop. It's making her miserable.
Sterv is to secure the staff, then?
It's more symbolic than practical, but each carries great significance to its owner.
I have a staff. It burns things. Also, I stole it.

You might say it is hot
You're going to get Ardaline's staff back.


Let's see...this way smells important.

Varon Vamori is in here. I know it.

Well...seems he's asleep. No harm in a little...

I didn't capture it very well here, but for whatever reason, Sterv's arms decided to oscillate wildly while feeding on Vamori.

Varon Vamori...we need to talk.

It's about Ardaline.
Yes, I sort of know her. Well, I mean I don't really know her, but I've talked to her some.

Khajiit knows you are lying. You do know Ardaline.

Yes, such is love.
I try and I try, and it just doesn't matter. It makes me furious sometimes!
And that's why you TOOK HER STAFF, isn't it?
All right, I admit it. I took it from her. I...I don't know what I was thinking, honestly.

Hmmm. Regrettable.
I was a little ashamed afterwards, but didn't know how to apologize or give it back. I wish I could...
I'm afraid I don't have it anymore, you see. I...I sold it. To a friend of mine, Soris Arenim.
You what.
He lives in the Talos Plaza district of the Imperial City. He's the one who has Ardaline's staff now.
I see. Then I will go to the Imperial City.

Poor Varon. At this point in the quest we have to report back to Kud-Ei, who will give us a few more scrolls and send us off to the Imperial City. Instead of wasting time with that, I'm going to show you Sterv in fancy outfits.

Fancy! Those pants kinda clip through, though.

Okay, that's definitely a vanity option to keep in mind.

Eh, matching set probably looks best.

Okay back into serious gear!

We got some'a this.

Also, Flame Atronachs spawn in the world now! They shoot fireballs and are pretty much not an issue.

We also get in a bit of Marksman practice and hey hey hey, level up!

MOTHERFUCKING LEVEL THIRTEEN. Oh, I have been waiting for this. Let's admire these stats and say goodbye to in-character narration for the rest of the update.

We're gonna get that staff back. But first, to the magic shop, pronto.

Here, I buy a Bedroom for our kickass wizard tower as well as the Vault area. I sort of forgot about the Alchemy Lab, but it doesn't matter right now.

He doesn't want to give us the staff and we're supposed to Charm him into selling it to us. For the first time in ever, he refuses anyway. Fortunately, his wife thinks his hobbies are silly and tells us where he's keeping it in the basement and even gives us the key. Jesus, lady.

Then they have a conversation in front of the door for an hour as if they're fucking Sims.

All right, fine. I'll blow my invisibility scroll to get around your marathon chatter.

God, fuck your radiant dialogs.


But we're not turning in the quest yet.

We're going to the Spire.

First, let's get a look the bedroom. Right next to the garden, it provides us with a bed, chest and dresser. Maybe not as useful as an Alchemy Lab, but hey, place feels a bit more like a home now.

As for the's a bunch of chests scattered in our ice basement. Absolutely useless for storing items if you ever want to find them again.

However! It has these unique Imps, named Vault Guardians, for flavor's sake. They also respawn every couple of days in case you decide to just murder all of 'em for fun.

Nothing's going to try and steal our shit, but they're leveled, and don't you remember? We're level 13. And that being the case, it just so happens...

...that the Vault Guardians are a source of infinite, respawning Grand souls!