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Part 39: The Elder Updates XXXVIII - Getting our Prioryties Straight

Getting our Prioryties Straight

Today, we're gonna be jumping into the main quest, but not before a little more fucking about in the Spire. First, I whipped up a somewhat more useful Detect Life spell than the starter one.

Then a healthy alchemy binge. Note that I've stumbled upon a recipe for Invisibility. Invisibility does exactly what you'd expect, and is broken if we attack something, cast a spell, or interact with an object.

Hmm...this was lying in the Vault. The design appears to be of a liquor bottle, bears Daedric runes. Smells strong, though. Khajiit will save it for a special occasion.

Also, it is constantly boiling.

Anyway, we pop off to Bravil courtesy of our teleporter pads to turn in the staff, and get a free Charm spell for our troubles! It's pretty weak, but at least we have access to it for spellmaking now. We could go to the Arcane University, but there are just some things that need to be done.

I should get the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre, at...what was it? A priory near Chorrol? Another long walk ahead of me, then.


Ah, Bleak Flats Cave. I may as well investigate that stone.

Wait until nightfall, then touch the stone, and...

Hmm. Empowerment of the mind, this time.
And we have access to Fortify Magicka! This might make its way onto some gear later, but we'd need three or four pieces to make the enchantment worthwhile as a Grand soul will only give us a boost of 24 points.

We travel along our merry way, idly stocking up on Steel Arrows thanks in no small part to most enemies having already made the switch.

A shrine to Molag Bal. He apparently demands a lion pelt, but I do not have one. Nor do I have the nerve to speak to him. Not yet, at least.
This one's gonna have to wait until level 17. Ayleid ruin.

Eh, why not? I'm feeling lucky.

Looks like trolls have replaced bandits, at least in Ayleid ruins.

Ooh, handy.

A trove of Welkynd Stones. That could be useful in a pinch...

Slowly through here...

Hmm, what is this? Quite the burly troll...

Not pictured: Oblivion crashing on a whim upon the death of one of my Everscamps to poison gas. What a stable game!

What have we here but more Welkynd Stones?

...oh dear.

Hmmm...there must be a way out.



I have no idea what this trap's deal is, but it's rather dickish. That's all there is to say on the matter. Have fun hugging the wall until you get a chance to slip out like I did!

Finally. That...was harrowing.

The chamber beyond this trap is guarded by two Spriggans, and we are summarily set upon by bears.

We got a shitty magic helmet for our troubles.

Also, one of the Everscamps managed to get itself stuck in the wall. Okay sure.

Heavy. But I should be able to get a fine price for this axe.

Dungeons: sometimes mostly not a bad experience.

Later still...

I think this is the place.

Yup. This is a priory all right.

Yes. I must speak with Jauffre.
I think he's sleeping. But it must be important...go ahead upstairs and wake him.
Thank you.

I should probably get myself looking presentable...

There we go.

Hmm. Not exactly what I would call sleeping. Convenient, though.

The Emperor told me to find you.
Emperor Uriel? Do you know something about his death?
Yes. He entrusted me with the Amulet of Kings.
You brought me the Amulet of Kings? This cannot be. Let me see it.
Here, have it.

Who are you? How did you get this? What do you know of the Emperor's death?
Here. Look at this.

As unlikely as your story sounds, I believe you. Only the strange destiny of Uriel Septim could have brought you to me carrying the Amulet of Kings.
He said I was to close shut the jaws of Oblivion. What might he have meant?
His meaning is unclear to me as well. The Emperor seemed to perceive some threat from the demonic world of Oblivion. The Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, is one of the lords of Oblivion.
Sounds like one of the bad ones, all right.
But the mortal world is protected from the daedra of Oblivion by magical barriers.
...Kvatch. How do you explain Kvatch?

I'm not sure. Only the Emperors truly understand the meaning behind the rituals of coronation. The Amulet of Kings is ancient. Saint Alessia herself received it from the gods. It is a holy relic of great power.
Then the Amulet somehow protects the mortal world?
When the Emperor is crowned, he uses the Amulet to light the Dragonfires at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. With the Emperor dead and no new heir crowned, the Dragonfires in the Temple will be dark, for the first time in centuries.

There is still hope. An heir.
I am one of the few who know of his existence. Many years ago, I served as the captain of Uriel's bodyguards, the Blades. One night Uriel called me in to his private chambers. A baby boy lay sleeping in a basket. Uriel told me to deliver him somewhere safe.

Of course. He was a father, after all.
Now, it seems that this illegitimate son is the heir to the Septim Throne. If he yet lives.
"If he yet lives"?
His name is Martin. He is a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch.
Yes, Kvatch. I cannot believe that the attack on Kvatch is a coincidence. The enemy seem to know all our secrets. You must return to Kvatch at once, and rescue Martin if he lives. There is no time to lose!
Yes, of course.
If there's anything you need, please ask. My resources here are limited, but I will help in any way I can.
Khajiit could do with resources.

Excellent. Thank you. Well, free is free.

To Kvatch!