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Part 42: The Elder Updates XLI - Hope you like books

Hope you like books

So, the main quest has ordained that we go see Baurus about the Mythic Dawn. First, though, we're gonna do a spot of enchanting. Carrying capacity's always nice!

After that, I steeled myself for the long grueling journey to the Imperial City.

Nah I'm just yankin' your chain, I took the teleporter.

Khajiit has important business to attend to. But first...

Here. My finest axe.

And what I believe to be various rings belonging to dead people.

And, er...

Some poison.

And I would like some arrows.

Now, to the Elven Gardens district.

...khajiit does not follow.
Don't talk. Just follow my lead.

Remember, wait for him to follow me. I want to see what he'll do.

Now I wait.


He disappeared into here.

Hang on, Baurus!

Search his body. I'll keep an eye out, in case any of his friends are nearby.

"Mythic Dawn", huh? Let's have a look.

It...tingles a little.

Looks like a bunch of cult nonsense. ...hang on. G-R-E-E




...Green Emperor? Something to do with Green Emperor Way?

This is fine. It is a bad time for us all. Khajiit trusts you have learned things about our enemies?
The assassins who killed the Emperor were part of a daedric cult known as the Mythic Dawn.
I just want to point out that Baurus prounces it dee-uh-dric. It's a little infuriating.

No matter, we can handle them. On a happier note, I have found Uriel's son.
Thank Talos! The Blades will protect Martin until he can claim his throne, don't worry. Or we will die trying.
Also, the enemy has claimed the Amulet of Kings. ...from Jauffre. Not from Sterv.
What? They took it from Jauffre? Things are worse than I had thought.

What, then, do we do?
There's a scholar at the Arcane University. Tar-Meena's her name. Supposed to be an expert on daedric cults.

If you learn anything, you can find me at Luther Broad's. May Talos guide you.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that we got a little pop-up dialog telling us to show Baurus the book, and he had nothing to say about it other than that. Pretty sloppy, game.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: (-13 + - + (3 * ))/) + SUMMON THE BRETHREN

So we shuttle ourselves off to the Arcane University where we learn that, shockingly, we can find out about the Mythic Dawn by reading their books carefully, and we're generally sent running around finding the other three books. We get volumes two and three from Tar-Meena, but the fourth one,'ll see.

On a happier note, Raminus Polus informs us that we can kick off more Mages Guild questing by getting a staff made. We'll get to that sooner or later.

Turns out the guy who had the third book received an invitation to the Mythic Dawn.

Yes, that's right. A sewer level.

They didn't even put in anything stronger than rats and mudcrabs, so it's just a glorified stroll.

I happen to know that if you go up the stairs there, you can get a vantage point on the meeting room. I think I'd better be the one to handle the meeting. You'll be my backup. Keep watch from above in case of trouble.
Can't I handle the meeting?
No, it should be me. I have a blood debt to repay these Mythic Dawn assassins. Besides, I've trained for this kind of thing my whole life.
All right. I will cover you.
Good. Remember, we must not leave here without the book. It's our best chance of finding the Amulet.
I'm ready when you are.

You leave me little choice, I suppose.
That's right. Everything depends on this. So don't screw it up.

I'd love to tell you what dialog went down here...

...but I was immediately detected by the Mythic Dawn guy because this was in fact a really shitty vantage point to watch from.

Easily dealt with, though.

Oh hey, small fortune. Thanks, RNG!

Khajiit will get looting, then.
I'll see you back at Cloud Ruler Temple. Good luck.

Ooh. Shiny.

Oh, and he had the book as well.

The final message is "Green Emperor Way where tower touches midday sun", and the game expects you to puzzle out what that means. It was vague enough that I wound up poking around Green Emperor Way at noon and getting nowhere, and ultimately resorting to Tar-Meena, who gives you hints - with a mandatory 24-hour wait per hint.

After getting all the hints, the game finally give you a compass marker, and by god I can't believe I had to coax a compass marker out of THIS game.

And oh look, this thing has a map of Cyrodiil and a rising sun. Just wait for the right time, and...

Vague sun symbol marks the spot! That's our next dungeon.

Time for our serious gear, then. Onward to progress!

Onward to glory!

Onward to whatthehellisthisthingonmycompass.


NOW I get it!