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Part 44: The Elder Updates XLIII - Gated Progression

Gated Progression time to rest.

Twice now I have gone into Oblivion.

It worries me. What is happening to Tamriel?

Can a king stop it? Is it truly that simple?

And...the Amulet has power, yes?

Our enemies have already caused these gates to open.

Are they planning something WORSE?

Pfagh! This is too much to think about.

I am khajiit.

I will claw,





and be gone.

Ho ho. Not bad at all. In addition to the stone, we made off with an upgrade to our Dremora shield - namely, another Dremora shield of the type which is identical, but two points better. Yeah I know. Also, we got a tome of Major Wound!

I will KILL all of their gates.

And then I will kill THEM!


YOU are breaking!

There was a whole dialog here about being initiated and a Time of Cleansing and all kinds of grimdark cult buzzwords.

There might've been some way to go in and play along?

But then I thought, y'know, fuck it.

Also, it seems that bodies moving upwards as they take damage is a thing. Sure.

So yeah. Run through cult cave, fuck shit up.

I mean, I'm sure I'm missing some exciting pretend-to-be-a-cultist gameplay, but hey, I don't have this sword for nothing.

Eventually, we come to the Dagon Shrine itself.

Here we watch Mankor Camoran say some stuff to some cultists. He drops a plot buzzword and relays some words of encouragement from Mehrunes Dagon, then fucks off into a magic portal with the amulet. Shit.

Then I fight the remaining cultists because hey, that's the thing to do! Bit of a clusterfuck, really.

Oh, okay. I'm grabbing...whatever that is.

Two years prior, Tetsuya Nomura's work is interrupted by a shiver, a feeling of doom. Something is amiss.

This mad spinner of tales innately knows that someone has used the words "Mysterium Xarxes" together in a video game. He breaks out into a cold sweat, clutching at his temples and staring at a sketch. What now will he name his plot point?

A smile crosses the lips of this game designer, this host of ideas both good and bad, more anime than man. He is more than a little aroused at his flash of inspiration, dear reader, for it is that twisted.

He scribbles a hasty note in the margins of his mad design. Castle Oblivion!

End scene.