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Part 45: The Elder Updates XLIV - Bruma Beat

Bruma Beat

I couldn't recover the amulet...but maybe Martin can do something with this tome.

Back to Cloud Ruler Temple, then.

But first...

Hey, not bad! I'm pretty sure this just refers to boots of the Heavy Armor type and not actual weight, though.

And since we just fed...

Maybe. I have The Mysterium Xarxes?
Ah. Good. You should take that to Martin right away.
Mm. I figured as much.
He'll be in the Great Hall, reading. He's hardly taken time to sleep since you left.

Ah, you're back. I told Jauffre not to worry.

No. But I have the Mysterium Xarxes.
By the Nine! Such a thing is dangerous even to handle!
Khajiit has carried worse things.
Forgive me. You were right to bring it. But you'd better give it to me. I know some ways to protect myself from its evil power.
Can the Xarxes lead us to Camoran?
I don't know. Maybe.

But I will need time. Tampering with dark secrets, even just reading them, can be very dangerous. I'll have to proceed carefully.
...and as for me?
In the meantime, you should speak to Jauffre. He was concerned about reports of spies in Bruma.
Khajiit will do this. So...what IS the Mysterium Xarxes?
This evil book was written by Mehrunes Dagon himself, and given by him to Mankar Camoran.
It's bad, then.
I believe Mankar Camoran used it to create his Paradise. It should give us the means to open a gate there ourselves. I will continue studying it.

Yes. Khajiit is not a child, you realize.

And so...

Hey, this could actually be an interesting plot thread! Will they ever do anything with it? NOPE.

Khajiit understands there is a spy problem, yes?
Ah, yes. I hope you can help. The gate guards have reported seeing strangers on the road for the past several nights.
...this is not unexpected in a city, but go on.
I cannot leave Cloud Ruler undefended while my men search the whole mountainside, but these spies must be eliminated.
I will find these spies.
Thank you. Talk to Steffan. He can tell you where he has seen them. Captain Burd in Bruma may also be able to help. I've asked the Countess to have the guard keep an eye out for strangers.

But not in that order.

Jauffre tells me you have seen the spies.
We always see them near the runestone at dusk. They aren't too woodcrafty, but Grandmaster Jauffre has forbidden us to range too far from the walls.
...even though you know exactly when and where you could attack them?
But it seems that you have bene given the freedom to attack the enemy that we all crave! Good luck. We will keep the Emperor safe here, don't worry.
I did not intend to.

"Go talk to Captain Burd."

Perhaps she holds a clue.

Oho. Promising. Now I take the investigation to Bruma.
"Ya talk to Captain Burd yet?"

Right after some business.
And we walk out 4,000 gold richer.

I'm savin' up enough for some medicine.
Have a coin, beggar.
Thank you, kind sir!
Seen any strangers lately?
Nothing comes to mind. Of course, my memory sometimes ain't what it used to be.
You know what helps with that?
Five septims.
Ah, it's coming back to me now. Yeah, seems I saw someone looking out the window at Jearl's house the other day. Someone I'd never seen before. When Jearl wasn't home. You see what I mean?
Now if you'll excuse me, all this talk has given me a powerful thirst. Thankee kindly.
Well, neat that they gave us options besides Burd.

Jearl's house it is, then.


Hmm...Mythic Dawn literature, a set of plates, and a bed.

And what's this?

Jearl's Orders posted:

Jearl -

The Master was pleased to hear of your activities outside of Chorrol. The more gates that we open, the nearer we are to the glorious cleansing.

The Master has chosen you and Saveri for a most crucial mission, a sign of your advancement through the ranks of the Chosen. We have learned that the Septi heir has gone to ground at Cloud Ruler Temple, the lair of the accursed Blades. The Master has made its destruction the top priority of the Order, and Lord Dagon has committed whatever resources are required.

Pending your report on the Septim's activities at Cloud Ruler Temple, and your assessment of Temple defenses and possible routes of escape, we plan to open a Great Gate in the open ground before Bruma as soon as possible.

Remember: the first three Lesser Gates represent only the preliminary stages of Great Gate Deployment. Do not in any way compromise your cover in defense of these gates. New ones can be quickly and easily reopened. And once the Great Gate is opened, the fall of Bruma is assured. Cloud Ruler Temple cannot stand long after that, and the Septim will be caught like a rat in a trap.

We would welcome any further details you can offer concerning the Imperial agent who rescued Martin from Kvatch, but again, we caution not risk a confrontation. This individual is not to be trifled with.

The Dawn is breaking.

Ryma Camoran


Jauffre must know!


That reminds me...

That should come in handy with all the Oblivion gates we're going to sack.
There. Now...duty calls.

That sure was an Oblivion gate!

Ha! Done!

Now...gotta tell Jauffre!


What have you learned about the spies?

This makes for grim reading. The Mythis Dawn did not take long to locate Martin again.
This document speaks of two agents. You need to eliminate both of them.

...catch...breath. Such a day.