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Part 48: The Elder Updates XLVII - I'm a Champion

I'm a Champion

Over the past several updates, we've been getting good combat equipment.

Let's put it to use in this short little update.

Hah! We shall see about that.

Resist THIS!

...oh. You resisted it.
Yeaaaaaah. What Owyn doesn't tell you is that this guy's "serious magic resistances" come in the form of a 100% Resist Magic enchantment, making him flat-out IMMUNE to magic. Poisons are implemented as spell effects too, so basically fuck you if you had any tactics in mind for this fight.

It's an excuse to use the bow, I guess.

I've got a spell for you! It's called BEATING TOUCH!

Well, that's a dozen arrows we'll never see again.

And a quick check on the loot pile before our next fight.

I do not for the life of me remember where I got those boots. Probably an Oblivion Gate.


Let's see here...



and d- oh okay.

Good Porkchop.

...oh. Sorry.
You again, huh? Look, I told you, if you want to challenge the Gray Prince that's your right. But don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm warned. Anything I should know?
Okay, listen up. There are no disqualifications in a Grand Champion match. That means you can wear whatever armor you damn well please.
Agronak will be wearing his Raiment of Valor, and he's probably got it heavily enchanted, so feel free to do the same to any armor you have.
Way ahead of you.
Now, as you know, in any standard Arena match you're forbidden from looting the corpse of a fallen opponent. Well this ain't any standard match.
In the event that you beat the Gray Prince, you're to remove his armor and present it to me. Then you'll get your own Raiment of Valor.
Got it.

Now there's just the small formality of extending the challenge to Agronak, which the game doesn't alert us to.

Hey. Agronak.
The...the father's says I'm...I'm part vampire! I thought my father was a nobleman, not some blood-sucking monster!

My whole life has been nothing but a lie! I'm no "Gray Prince". I'm a vile, wretched spawn of evil! Please, leave me. I can't...I...
Oh, but I see. You're a want my Grand Champion title, is that it? Please, challenge me. In the Arena I can end my misery.
Yes! Let us fight.
Yes. Yes...I accept your challenge. Go...go speak with Ysabel. Tell her you're ready. Then we'll...we'll meet in the Arena. Yes, that'll do...

And before we fight the Grand Champion, Ysabel wants us to pick a fightin' name. We are now The Butcher.

...this is it.

This is it!

I might just walk out of here as a Grand Champion!

Do it! End my misery! I am nothing but a vile spawn of evil...kill me!
Hoo boy...this whole thing, huh. I have rather mixed feelings about this fight. As should be obvious, Agronak is just standing there begging for death due to our completing his quest earlier. I really would've preferred that I wound up fighting some version of Agronak that had some vampire-based spells or something, but instead, we just get this. I still think it's kinda cool, though. Emotional, even, once you get past the Gamebryo faces.

Goodnight, Gray Prince.