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Part 49: The Elder Updates XLVIII - No Gates, No Glory

No Gates, No Glory

Yes, I...I suppose it does.
There's a bit of backpatting here, and we get our Raiment of Valor, which immediately gets thrown on the floor for being heavy and mediocre. Let's just fast forward to the good stuff.

I've had some people out collecting your new combatants. The wilderness is full of 'em! Let me know when-


Hahaha! Yes!
We can do these monster fights once a week, and we have a choice in how difficult it is. It's either one level-appropriate monster, two of that level-appropriate monster, or two of that level-appropriate monster with another level-appropriate monster. In this case we picked the middle option, being two Ogres.

Oh, and armor isn't restricted, which is nice.


There. Now that I'm Grand Champion, I can surely take on whatever Mehrunes Dagon has in store for me.

...who is this?

Hmm...why not? Follow your esteemed Grand Champion.
Golly, you're the best! I'm going to follow you and watch you and worship the ground you walk on! Let's go!

So, what's first on the agenda? Carbo-loading? Bench presses?
Actually, we're going on a little trip. Your esteemed Grand Champion has been tasked with saving Cyrodiil.

First, though, we're going to need supplies. Like these hammers, for instance. I tend to go through four or five a day.
Speaking of which, would you like to carry my supply of hammers?
Gods no. I could never hold as many hammers as you, Butcher! Not in my wildest dreams!

While we're here, I get some training so I can give Armorer a nice kick in the pants and ensure a full Endurance bonus for our next level. It costs about 3000 gold, but the only other thing I'm spending money on is, what, more repair hammers?

I also try to find Chancellor Ocato so I can ask for his support in defending Bruma, but the operative word here is "try". Apparently he's a dick and won't offer any troops, though, so no loss.

We're as prepared as we're going to be. Let us be going.

First, we head to Cheydinhal. I've got an errand to run, and I need to check in with Ocheeva.
Golly, who's that? Say, how fast can you run?
Gosh, Mr. Butcher, no better than any ordinary fellow. Why do you ask?


This could be bad. I can't have him knowing my secrets.

...but it shouldn't be too hard to keep my distance.

Now, off to Cheydinhal!

Goodness. He is a persistent one. But as long as I don't tarry, I should be-



Er...just keep following!

Come on.

No more distractions.

Just keep the pace and get to Cheydinhofcoursethere'sanObliviongateontheway.

Better clear out these Daedra first.
And hey, we can level up now, but fuck it, Oblivion gate!

Hmm...looks like I wasn't the first one here.

...AH! did he...?

Dammit. I guess I shouldn't just let him get killed.

Have at you!

I'll just have to keep en eye out. One eye and no more.

I wonder where he got to.

Eh. No matter.
The Adoring Fan's pathing got a little weird here, apparently. About thirty seconds before this screenshot I turned around and he was right there. Now he isn't. Maybe the AI's just stuck in flee mode due to the lack of spaces without monsters nearby? Idunno, man.

But hey, Oblivion gate. The Adoring Fan didn't follow me into the tower, so maybe I'm right about his pathing being out of whack.

Oh, and we got Frost Atronachs now. Like the Daedroth, they do a whopping 40 POINTS OF MELEE DAMAGE, and of course have some ice spells to hurt you with.

Not much good loot in the ol' meatbags, unfortunately.

The Sigil Stone turned out pretty great though!

There. Another gate broken and done with.