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Part 50: The Elder Updates XLIX - Off To Cheydinhal

Off to Cheydinhal

Well. At least now I don't have to worry about my biggest fan.

Hmm. Another one of those standing stones.

They only work at night, as I recall. I shall have to come back later.

...another minotaur? By the gods, what's next?

Walk swiftly and carry a big staff, yes?

Khajiit pities those without staves. But no matter.

Cheydinhal shouldn't be much further.


Once more into the fray, then.


Oh my.

Well. This
This layout has you descending a sort of mountain-ish path. It's, uh...linear.

Hmm. How about a


And it's got daedra. Yaaaaay daedra.

...did he not have boots?
He did not have boots.

I COULD go through that cave.



Hmm. A tower.
Oh hey, wait a minute. I forgot, this is an Oblivion Gate. The tower was completely optional and dumb.

I can't decide which of these treasures is more insulting.

Here's a guy. He and his Knights of the Thorn club think they can close the Oblivion Gate themselves even though I found like two or three of their corpses on the way here. They also have some kind of rivalry with the town guard.

So naturally we team up with him, because god knows he needs a magic sword on his side.

His friend dies along the way, yielding some actual nice loot! Fancy that.

And oh shit, he died along the way too! Avoidable? Probably. Okay sure taking your valuable medallion anyway.

good programming 5/5

I have literally never heard of this person but sure whatever.

Why do I get the feeling someone fucked up the quest flags here?

We're forced to sit through a bit more sympathetic dialogue and get sent along to the Count. Oh hey, what about our Sigil Stone?

And once again, venturing into an Oblivion Gate justifies itself somewhat! Next time, we see the Count and do some murdering. These two things are not related.