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Part 52: The Elder Updates LI - Khajiit Hate to Gate

Khajiit Hate to Gate

Since our mission's been accomplished, it's time to check in with Ocheeva and get our reward. But you probably knew that.

There was an Oblivion Gate on the way to Cheydinhal with a new daedric spider enemy literally named Spider Daedra, because fuck it.

The Sigil Stone wasn't anything to write home about, but we can apply it to our dagger to turn it into an efficient delivery system for frost damage.

Went ahead touched the Doomstone, earning a Steed-based power.

And oh hey. Not sure when I picked this thing up. What's it got?

Ooh. Well, gotta give 'em points for creativity on this one. Costs 38 magicka to cast with Sterv's current Restoration skill, which isn't bad at all considering his regen.

Hahaha! Yes! Claw you wide open!

Just wanted to note that it does in fact stack with Jode's Blood. Too bad that's just a daily power.

And for you...


Not sure what the hell that axe does, but as close as Cheydinhal is by now I have no reservations about snapping it right up. Also goddamn, I forgot about all that enchanted armor. Must've picked it up in that Oblivion Gate. Ah well, more shit to...

...sell? Goddammit, why am I consistently arriving in cities at night? Fine then, time to turn in our quest.

Because of the discretion you exercised, Captain Phillida will not suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will not meddle in our affairs.

Here is your reward and bonus. Both have bene well earned. Go now and rest, and may the Night Mother guard your dreams.

Wow. This bow's kind of all over the place. And it's weighing us down, too, but it's modestly valuable.

Bye, Staff of Silence! opposed to the last one?
Far to the west there lives a fierce warlord and his company of mercenaries. Your target is the warlord. Do you accept this contract?
You know my answer.
Excellent. Now listen closely. Nestled in the mountains to the west lies Fort Sutch. It is the home of the warlord Roderick and his mercenaries.

Khajiit sees where this is going.
You must infiltrate Fort Sutch, find Roderick's medicine, and replace it with a poisoned bottle I will provide. But you must remain undetected! Whomever arranged this contract wants it to look like Roderick died from his illness, so discretion is essential. Attack no one! Be seen by no one!
I will do my best.
If you are detected, the poisoning will fail, and Roderick must be killed in some other manner. That will, of course, forfeit your bonus.
SUTCH is the way of the Dark Brotherhood, yes?
...get out.

Before going on our way, though, we pick up a handy little piece of info. We can get into Fort Sutch through the ruined abbey!

And lest we forget, a stop at the local merchant at the crack of dawn.

Looks like it's near Anvil. Good. I can get their support for Bruma while I'm in the area.

This time, our travel is marked by vampiric bloom.

And a few new spells. They're a bit too expensive to really rely on at the moment but hey, new effects for spellmaking!

Also, dressup. I don't rightly recall why I decided to put on this robe. But who really needs a reason?

Ooh, another daedric shrine. Sweet, I love quests for artifacts.


Oh good, an Oblivion Gate.

I manage to find one decent piece of loot, while one person plays a decent game. know, these boots...they remind me of something.


Hey, guess what I found like three minutes later. Guess.

Congratulations, you were right!

Khajiit swears he will better protect the people of Cyrodiil. Including himself.
The name of this ring cuts off and it's just the Band of Stalwart, which is a pretty cool name.

Oh my god, right. I stopped in Skingrad on the way. Sorry, it's been like two months since I recorded this.

And it looks like that last Oblivion Gate I closed was the one troubling them. That was easy.

Okay sure, another one.

Oh hell yes. Direct armor upgrade.

After that, I jump into ANOTHER Oblivion Gate before using the Sigil Stone from the last one since the game's having a fucking sale on the things. But the real point of this screenshot is that Ebony Armor is pimp as hell.


Here, Meridia. Have the world's shittiest Sigil Stone.

Fucking really?

I had to do this one twice, by the way. After I booked it to the Sigil Stone chamber the first time, the game crashed on me. So there's that.

We do get a pretty good level out of all this shit, though. Just bombastic numbers all around.

And another gate, okay.

Well that loot's good. Sure.

And Storm Atronachs. They're like golems that shoot lightning and I seriously could not bring myself to give a shit about them amongst all these fucking Oblivion Gates.

Y'know what? I got some Sigil Stones and made some things and...fucking hell, I can't. I'm so sorry, but I just don't know what more can be said. I hate the busywork that these things make for me, and I hate that I have to try and justify doing them every time for the loot and the enchantments.

We do use some Ectoplasm to kickstart a quest from Meridia. That's good.

...and I die of sunlight exposure during the dialog. That's a bit embarassing.

Our quest is to go kill some Necromancers.

On our way to do so, we get the power of the Apprentice from a Doomstone. It kinda sucks, especially since it overwrote our Steed power.

I clear another Oblivion Gate on the way, which reminds me to use up my Sigil Stones. I think I nailed the naming on these.

And I kill those Necromancers, though with no small amount of pain. Turns out a bunch of spellcasters with a bunch of strong undead cohorts are kinda tough!

Pfagh! There is no end to these gates. Khajiit is tired of it, and khajiit knows there is only one way to stop it. I must find the Armor of Tiber Septim.

Or more magical items.

For those of you wondering why updates have been slower than usual, it's because I burned out on the game two months ago after a shitload of Oblivion Gates. It's been two months since I last played, more Oblivion Gates. If I'm ever going to beat this game I need to enjoy myself and make some actual progress. No more Oblivion Gates from now on. I just can't.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: ((-4 + - + (3 * ))/) + SUMMON THE BRETHREN)^