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Part 53: The Elder Updates LII - sutch murder, very stealth

sutch murder, very stealth

Fort Sutch should be close.

There it is. Now, I just need to slip in, replace the medicine, and make my-

Not khajiit's problem!

Through the abbey, just like Teinaava said.

Hmm. I hear footsteps.

Ahh. Good old invisibility potion.
The Chameleon rings don't hurt either!

Now to find Roderick.

That must be him. His medicine should be close...


Bingo. Just a simple matter of peeling the label off this one, and...

Hah. Easy.

Just near Fort Sutch, there's a Daedric shrine. We don't have any Troll Fat, though, so back to business!

Couldn't hurt to stop in Anvil briefly...

I should really take advantage of guild services more often!
And speaking of guilds, I somehow managed to miss the questgiver for the Anvil Fighters Guild. I seriously have no idea how I managed not to cross paths with him.

We also speak to this guy right here, who kicks off Knights of the Nine stuff. He's got an utter shitton of dialog that I don't quite feel like transcribing, but his voice acting is pretty good. For those who didn't click that link, the gist of it is that to defeat Umaril, we first need a set of sweet gear called the Crusader's Relics, and visiting the Wayshrines of the Nine Divines is the first step towards obtaining them.

The Wayshrines aren't marked on our map, but on a separate map in our inventory, since that's fun and not annoying. We'll be holding off on this whole pilgrimage due to a certain requirement that comes into play later. There's also the fact that trying to look at the map has a small chance of CRASHING THE GAME.

Anyway, it's back to Cheydinhal under the cover of night!

I do like to sneak.
It pleases me greatly to offer you this reward, and a well-earned bonus. Go now. Rest. I'll have another contract ready whenever you are.
What manner of contract?
Do you like parties? Because you've been invited to one. Of course, you'll be killing all the other guests. Are you ready to attend?

Splendid. You need to go to the city of Skingrad, to the large house known as Summitmist Manor. There you will meet up with five very unlucky guests.
Unlucky, indeed.
In order to receive your bonus, you must kill each guest secretly, one by one. If anyone sees you committing murder, the bonus is forfeit.
Simple enough.
The guests believe there is a chest of gold hidden in the house, and have agreed to be locked inside until one of them finds it.
Everyone loves gold.
In fact, the guests believe the key to the manor is inside the chest, and only by satisfying their greed will they be allowed to leave. Poor fools.
But they will never leave.
There is, of course, no chest of gold. The guests will find no key. After you arrive, the doors will be locked behind you, as everyone expects.
And then I get to work.
When all the guests lie dead, you will be free to leave. Now go, see the doorman at Summitmist Manor. He will explain the rest. Have fun.

We're not in an advanced stage of vampirism at the moment, so might as well fast travel!

Now, before we attend the party, let's try and dress for the occasion.

...ew. Ebony Armor is is, then.

That must be Benirus Manor.

Now I'll tell you what I didn't tell everyone else. We have the same Mother, you and I. And she wants you to have this. It's the key to the house.
Well, that's my escape covered.
I guess someone else has already told you the other details. Kill all the guests then leave, right? Well, you'd better get ni there. Time to mingle.

...right. I'll let myself in, then.

Okay, it has to be said: this quest is pretty neat, with lots of dialog including the partygoers gossiping about one another, and it changes based on what order you decide to kill them in. There's a LOT of ways it can go down. That having been said, I decided to go for a more direct approach.

Ahh. I do love stealth. And you know...maybe it's time I helped mystealth to the riches of Cyrodiil.

Next time, we purrsue a career path in cat burglary.