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Part 55: The Elder Updates LIV - A Spot of Thievery

A Spot of Thievery

Last time, we made some progress in a shitty sidequest and got some moderately cool loot. Time to check in with Roland.

Due to issues with recording including but not limited to the game crashing for no reason, I seem to have lost a good chunk of footage. As you can see, I'm ignoring further vampire-hunting stuff in favor of thievery. I should probably go get that reward at some point, though.

Off to Bruma, then, where our sixth sense will lead us to the guild fence so we can make a few pence!

And as it turns out, it takes little more than the entire inventory of Red Dragon Jewelry to qualify us for every Thieves Guild quest. Seriously, that's all it took.

Yes, that.

Go on.
The Gray Fox has asked me to take care of a problem, and I'm putting you on it.

What's the problem with taxation?
The people of the waterfront are very poor. Traditionally the city has not collected taxes from them, even though by law they could. The money the city would collect would barely cover the cost of collecting.

The Gray Fox has always guaranteed protection to the poor of the waterfront. He doesn't want to let this injustice stand. It's a matter of principle.
For principle, then.
Good. Find out where he's keeping the taxes and bring them to me. I'll also need the tax records of what each citizen paid so we can return it.

The beggars will nudge us in the right direction, as per usual.

I'm going to have to be very careful.

My entourage will provide a nice little distraction, and a little bit of enchantment will provide me with precautions.
It's not actually a crime to be in the watch tower, oddly enough - just going any further than the first floor.

Ha! Catch me if you can.

Unfortunately, the watch tower is also pretty damn crowded, so it might come down to a matter of speed.

Got it!

Now to get GOING!

And so, just a bit of running later...

Yes. Here they are.
Ah! The Gray Fox will be very pleased. We will make sure this gets back to the people.

I think it's time to promote you to Footpad.

Congratulations on your new guild rank.
Yes yes, very good. But right now I need a bounty taken care of.

Consider it done. I will get rid of all your criminal warrants.
Paying off your bounty through the Thieves Guild is ridiculously broken for one main reason: it basically immediately gets the guards off your ass. Fuck the police, basically.

Good. Got any more work for me?
The guild has received a 'request' to obtain a unique statuette. It is a bust of Llathasa Indarys, the recently slain Countess of Cheydinhal. You will be paid a modest sum. Do you want this job?
Of course.
Excellent. Bring it back to me once you have it.

Off to Cheydinhal with us, then! Next time: thieving AND murdering?!

yes thank you game