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Part 57: The Elder Updates LVI - Dark Developments

Dark Developments

And we're back. In place of me transcribing this dialog, just read the above screenshot. Armand's in hiding because Hieronymus Lex has himself an informant among the Thieves Guild. Apparently there was no actual client that wanted the bust and the whole job was meant to flush her out.

We need to frame her ass. She conveniently lives like ten feet from Armand's usual midnight spot, which is disconcerting due to the fact that he's only just now on the run. I mean, you'd think she would've said something along the lines of "hey, Armand's giving out orders on behalf of the Thieves Guild every night in like my backyard" way earlier. Right?

And so we cram it in there right in front of her. No repercussions, mind you.

Better do as the quest notification says!

Regarding the Bust of Llathasa Indarys, yes?
You know where the bust is hidden?
Yes. Myvryna Arano has your bust.
Your credibility is suspect. You'll have to do better than that to persuade me.

That will get you something.
But really, Arano has it.
Are you sure? That can't be right. She's my...I mean, she doesn't seem to be the type.
It's in her cupboard. khajiit's guess.
I don't beliieve you, but I'll have to check anyway. If you are right, there will be hell to pay.
What's a hell?
You will have to come along.

Hieronymus Lex is a terrible person.

And quest sorted!

Since we'll have to wait around for about a day, it's probably best to feed.

Aaaaanyway, let's turn in this quest.

We get a promotion, access to a fence in Leyawiin...

...aaaaaand a questgiver who is NOT in Leyawiin. The Thieves Guild is anything but centralized.

So fuck that and let's go turn in our Dark Brotherhood quest.

You have done a great service to the Dark Brotherhood today, Assassin. Your reward is well earned.

That's 800 gold in all. Not too shabby!

Khajiit is ready.
Ah, Assassin. I must speak with you. It is quite urgent. A sealed letter just arrived from a Dark Brotherhood courier.

I recognize this type of parcel. It contains sealed orders. It's addressed to you...from Lucien Lachance.


Hmmm. A bit suspicious.

But orders are orders, yes?

What followed was a dungeon full of tanky skeleton shitlords, who are distinguished from all other tanky skeleton shitlords by their stupid armor which is all hardcore and shit.

Also, y'know, the game crashing for no reason.

That is why I have sent for you. I'm afraid there is a...situation. The time has come to test both your skill and your loyalty to Sithis.
Go on...
The Black Hand has learned that the Dark Brotherhood has been infiltrated. By whom, and for what purpose, we do not yet know.
A spy?
What we do know is that there is some link between the traitor and the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. The traitor has tainted that place beyond repair. It was learned that the traitor has been active for quite some time, since before you joined the Brotherhood. That absolves you of any suspicion.

You must break one of the Tenets you have sworn to uphold. I know this is an unexpected turn of events, but drastic measures must be taken.
Of course.
Ocheeva, Vicenti Valtieri, Antoinetta Marie, Gogron gro-Malog, Telaendril, M'raal-Dar and Teinaava. All of these family members must die!
...yes. This was clear.
From this point forward, you are no longer bound by the Five Tenets! Sithis will forgive any murder, any theft, so long as you serve the Black Hand!

When the rite of Purification has been completed, return to me here at Fort Farragut, and we will discuss your future.

Yeah spoilers we just use our sick magical weapons instead. Back to the fort!

The Black Hand is most pleased with your progress. You have been invited to share in secrets that few within the Dark Brotherhood even know exist.
...I have?
Your life in the Sanctuary is over. Those contracts are behind you. Now, you will serve the Black Hand. You will serve me. From this moment forward, you will walk the shadows as my Silencer. You will receive contracts only from me. Your new life has begun.
So what now?
It is quite ismple, really. No longer will you receive orders directly. Instead, you will visit dead drop locations scattered throughout Cyrodiil.

When you leave here, we will not speak again, unless I deem it necessary. Ah yes, there is one last thing. I have for you a very special gift.

Now go, and may Sithis guide you in this new stage of your life's dark journey.

Oh hell yes. I've been looking forward to this.

Okay, that's the fucking Weynon Priory horse. I believe that, for some reason, the game is unable to give us a horse because we already have a horse.

Which is stupid anyway because in most cases you're given a choice as to whether you want a horse, like from that guy at Weynon Priory or your local horse dealer. It's implicit that you're giving up your horse for another horse.

Here, though, the game didn't really give us a choice, which is fine. Shadowmere is the fastest horse in the game, unkillable, and to my knowledge she's the ONLY UNIQUE HORSE IN THE GAME.

I'm not even entirely sure of my reasoning as to why this happened, and honestly I don't care. Oblivion screwed us out of a kickass horse BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DID.

Screw this horseshit, we're gonna do some main quest stuff.

Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: ((-25 + - + (3 * ))/) + SUMMON THE BRETHREN)^