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Part 59: The Elder Updates LVIII - Wherein Sterv gets clawed at by Everscamps

Wherein Sterv gets clawed at by Everscamps

I recorded a good chunk of Oblivioning last night, and long story short, all of my progress was lost to a corrupt save. I'm a bit drained from six fruitless hours of gameplay, so today I'll be giving you a shorter update, and in fact the last one in 800x600 since I'm doing this from my laptop, doing manual screenshots like some kind of troglodyte.

When last we left off, Sterv had a horrible disease. Nothing a little wortcraft won't fix!

We could turn in this quest, but instead we're going to book it out of this dungeon and head for the nearest city: Skingrad.

As we book it towards the town, a guard books it in the opposite direction. Where the hel is he off to?

Damn, that's dedication.

Anyway, we're gonna be offloading some shit, not the least of which is our remaining pieces of light armor!

We replace them with heavy armor, of course. Unfortunately this chucklefuck didn't have orcish boots so we're going to have to deal with stank-ass inferior dwarven stompers for the time being. Any plate will do, for today we're not doing quests but standing here leveling our Heavy Armor skill!

This NPC managed to Radiant AI herself into fighting the town guard, and consequently I got like 600 gold off her corpse. She will be missed.

Speaking of which, the guards consistently could not give two shits about this thing happening in the middle of the street.

This whole training ritual goes on for a while, and we get the poor wording for Expert level heavy armor having thrown in our face.

Eventually, having exhausted Skingrad's entire supply of Repair Hammers, we have no recourse but to go to Anvil, because where there's anvils, there's hammers!

This goes on for a while.

At one point I decide to take a break and pick up the Fighters Guild quest that I know is here. I like to think of this as a racist task assignment rather than a skill-based one.

Also nothing shows up in our journal about it so shit might be broke I guess?

Oh right, that's why I went to the Fighters Guild, to find a bed. I decided to shoot and sear the Everscamps a bit to finish off a level. We took endurance, agility and willpower this time.

And we get the Expert perk for Armorer, which lets us go a level beyond repaired, up to 125%. Weapons and armor with a condition of above 100% get improved attack and defense respectively.

After like a million goddamn years I manage to hit Master rank in Armorer, and while I didn't get a screenshot of the moment, I think I've captured the perk well enough, and what a perk it is! We'll be doing way more looting, and hey, we won't even have to devote each and every piece of our armor to raising our carry weight limit anymore!

NOW we're ready for questing. Next time: the mystery of where we got this Ebony Helmet!