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Part 61: The Elder Updates LX - Resolution, Baby

Resolution, Baby

(Today's update is just a short one to prove I'm still alive. Sorry if any of the images are off - resizing was necessary, as I initially started recording at full-size rather than half. Enjoy!)

And we're back, in an exciting new resolution because Oblivion somehow ate the one I was using previously. Idunno if it's because I haven't played for so long or because of all that skill grinding, but I find myself struck by how zippy Sterv is even in full heavy armor. Like seriously, this cat needs brakes.

But eventually we find our way to Azzan, who for our good work in Anvil points us to Chorrol for further work.

Glancing at my stats shows I've got a few debuffs going on, likely from some ghost or another damaging our attributes, so before anything I decide to swing by the chapel.

...or not! Said chapel has been apparently been rendered useless by that brutal attack we heard about.

No use crying over spilt blood. North we go.

Along the way I can't resist the call of an Oblivion Gate, which I summarily dash through to obtain loot.

To be entirely honest, I went back and forth on this enchantment because I think I'm gonna be switching to Light Armor for shits and giggles as soon as I find a glass set eventually, but for now? We got us a lootin' helmet.

At some point we run into a bandit in the hills who happens to be carrying a Dwarven Cog. Remember that Repairing the Orrery quest we got waaaaaaaaaay back in the tutorial? Yeah, this is for that.

He's also got a letter which marks the locations of his cohorts' camps on the map so we can recover the rest of these doodads. Handy, that!

As such, it's time to go find some mans and fight them for dwarven artifacts.

And some not-mans along the way. Unfortunate jiggling occurs.

Anyway, the mans are fought and stripped of all valuables, including the dwarf ball-bearings and shit. This screenshot is only included to point out that I'm keeping those boots, as they come loaded with a sweet +9 Speed bonus. Sterv's speed is 95 with all of his speed-enhancing shit on.

Hark, a free enchantment. It calls to me.

I don't know if Disintegrate Armor is wildly useful or anything, but I'm going to be hanging on to this if only to slap a Shield enchantment on my next armor set.

Oh my god, is it fucking gate day or what.

Remember when I mentioned sticking a sweet elemental enchant on an ebony sword last update? Yeah, exact same enchantment. The difference is that an ebony DAGGER, as I've mentioned has a much faster swing speed, which will deliver the fire damage at a faster rate allowing my new weapon to go through enemies like itself through butter.

After getting all the dwarven things (which we should take to some lady at the Arcane University at some point) and skipping over an Oblivion Gate with a bullshit layout, we arrive in Chorrol.

First thing's first, I stop by the chapel to pray the debuffs away, and I pick up Cure Disease while I'm there. Sure we've got disease immunity for the moment, but we might want to do whatever silly quest cures our vampirism later on, and besides, we can afford this spell like 60 times over.

Our next priority is to sell shit. Since it's the middle of the night, I take the opportunity to steal shit first.

The hammers are more than enough to fix up my entire inventory, including these sweet greaves of spell absorption. I'm keeping them, but I'm not quite ready to actually EQUIP them since I'm still relying on my strength-enchanted ebony greaves to carry shit.

In the morning we sell off our sweet loot, netting us the latest in a string of small fortunes and making way more room in our inventory than expected.

To the guild!

We are immediately pawned off on some douchebag. How do I know he's a douchebag?

Look at that mohawk, that's how. Next time, this fuckin' guy sends us halfway across the goddamn map. Twice.