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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

by Lizard Wizard

Part 63: The Elder Updates LXII - Obliviennui


Last time, we concluded our duties in the Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild for the time being and are now leaving Cheydinhal to go to a previous, different guildhall for inscrutible reasons.

On our way out, we sell things too numerous and uninteresting to specify to the local shop, pocketing coin so that our detritus may haunt her inventory.

We also meet the shopkeeper's daughter. To my understanding, she becomes important in a quest at some point.

Regardless, we leave town.

Time passes, and we fight a bear. So bored am I that I decide to try fighting it with my fists in hopes that it will make the encounter more interesting. Unfortunately, it does not. Such is life.

Ultimately I draw my fire claymore, as I am not doing enough damage to end this encounter as quickly as I would like, and thus have little recourse.

We approach an Oblivion gate.

Of note? There is an Oblivion gate in the distance. It presumably leads to the overworld, but is not the one we came through. Curious, but more than likely inconsequential.

The material wealth from this glorified dungeon is some consolation.

The stone is gained. Resist Magic or Silence enemies. Is this good? I do not know.

I stop to pick flowers so that I can make potions. Many potions. Some useful, all forgotten.

We also activate one of the shrines needed for Knights of the Nine, but that will not be important until the distant future.

Sometimes magical weapons make encounters BOAR-ing. Ha. Ho ho. Ha.

Passing by the Shrine of Sanguine I realize I should have seen to my daedric task in Leyawiin.

I am disappointed in myself. I am ashamed.

And I continue onward.

Another Oblivion gate.

The loot is okay.

Weed joke. Hah. Ha ha. Ha.

We leave the gate with more disappointment.

Not so far from here is our destination.

To the right, Kvatch. A dead city. Never to be important again.

At some point, another gate is entered. Note the cuirass, which will allow a sum total of 85% Chameleon at any given time with our other magic items.

I see the chains break in this tower, a sight I had not noticed before. It is, admittedly, exciting.


And so we arrive at Anvil. Gray skies. Things to do. Treasures in our pocket.

Such is Oblivion.