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Part 64: The Elder Updates LXIII - Still More Guilding

Still More Guilding

So, last time we were sent off to Anvil for...oh god, what was it again?

Oh yes. Our quest is to get a quest in Anvil instead of Chorrol, because our good friend with the terrible mohawk told us to.

Azzan's asleep, so we might as well get some fresh blood so we can fast travel when we're done with whatever bullshit this is. And hey, sweet tip, NPC!

All right, wake up.


Good to see you're working hard. I've got some more thieves for you to deal with in Anvil.
Please pretend Sterv's thumbnail isn't out of date.

There have been a number of thefts in the area, and witnesses believe the thieves are holed up nearby. Check around, and see what you can learn.
Hah! Simple.
I'm not sure the numbers you'll be dealing with, so I'm sending you with another new recruit, Maglir.
...please do not.
I believe you two have already met.

Sounds like we need to ask around Anvil for any clues. Figures we'd get a mission without any real direction. I'll follow you.

Better we wait until the clues are AWAKE.

The blacksmith will be just as good as any a place to ask, and to move some loot besides.

And move some loot we do. Exclusively dubiously useful or outdated gear, and we come out 7000 septims richer.

Hmmmm. Heard about any thieves?

Got it.

Newheim appears to be outside of town, so I decide to check my map.

This is actually a bad idea. What you are seeing is Oblivion not knowing what to do about menus. Subsequently it did not know what to do about the map, causing the game to crash.
All you had to do was follow the damn compass, LW!

All right, let's just go to him this time.


Pictured: Cyrodiilic spray tan.


What happened here? Why is inbred Nord Jughead Jones on my computer screen?

Oh golly gee gosh they're in a cave how exciting!

Can you guess what happens next?

Well we fight through the cave all properly and turn in the damn quest.


See that mildly different looking bit in the middle of the screen? Course ya don't.

In my wandering I somehow accumulated a whopping 90% Chameleon at some point. It's not literally game-breaking like 100%...

...but it's pretty damn good for letting us sneak during full-on battles! Also, note the 1x multiplier for sneak attacks with two-handed weapons. Goddamn bullshit is what it is.

Maglir's not really of any help and I'm detected, so unfortunately I have to drop the sneaky shit so I can better slay these clowns head-on.

I mean, not that it's hard.

Thread assignment: pronounce Thrangirfin.

And THEN I- wait what the fuck am I typing.

Me and Maglir killed the guys, the end, let's go get another quest.

Not pictured: fast travel to Cheydinhal and speaking to Burz gro-Khash.