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Part 67: The Elder Updates LXVI - Aaaaaand Jump Cut!

Aaaaaand Jump Cut!

All right, fuck Umbra, back to the- goddammit did I lose footage? I think I lost footage.

Oh, uh...hi game, what'd I miss?

I see I've got glass gauntlets now, that's nice.

Oh right that's the deal. As you can barely see, we're taking Vilena Donton's young scrub of a son along on a mission to boost his confidence.

And we're finding just a hell of a lot of things to sell, holy shit.

These gloves are, uh...I mean, I'm sure someone put a lot of work into these gloves but wow.

Oh okay

This shield seems like a quest item. The game didn't point us at it, but better to take it than not.

Other than that...this sure is a cave!

...really, Oblivion? Whatever, let's turn in the thing.

He's dead.
Dead? Damn! What got him?
I do not know...but I found this shield near the corpse.
Let me see that. Interesting. The symbols on it are familiar to me. I'll be looking into this.

"Oh fuck that's right we gotta pace this plotline" -a Bethesda writer

Nothing we need to talk about now. I'll pay Viranus for his contract. This is for you. Who knows. I might be able to make soldiers out of you both.
Any more jobs for this one?

That's right. The little vermin has defaulted on another contract. I need you to go babysit him again.
Pfagh! Not surprised.
Wish I knew what happened. He had a contract for a local mage in Bravil. Didn't seem like a particularly difficult assignment.

He hasn't reported to the client at all. Get yourself down to Bravil and find Maglir. Make sure that contract of his gets done. And send him to me.

Man, fast travel's a bit of a godsend sometimes.

And so we ask this particularly ragged guard where Maglir is so that our quest compass updates.

Fuck you Maglir

Yes. You defaulted on another contract.
Defaulted? That all you talk about? I'm Blackwood Company now. Plenty of work, the pay is good, and I don't have Oreyn on my back all the time.

Honor, huh? I prefer feeding my family. I figure I owe you one for covering for me, so I'll let you leave. Get moving, before I forget myself.

The quest didn't update my destination after this, oddly enough.

So I take a little trip to the Skooma Den, and then head back to Chorrol.

Before leaving Chorrol, though, I decide to swing by the chapel. Make sure I'm free of debuffs, make sure I didn't miss any spells.

Hello there madam are you the Restoration vendoooooooAAAAAAUUUUUUUGH!


Not much happens during travel outside of a- oh. Oh yes, that. I did the quest for a Mage's Staff, and apparently that was part of the lost footage. The staff, as you can see, is of the paralysis flavor and the image, as you can see, is of the fucked up flavor.

How does it taste, you ask?

GLORIOUS. And we will be using it a lot from now on.

And the stone we got was...uh...fuck, I'm not even sure at this point. Nothing special, I'm sure.

Anyway, we'll be heading the rest of the way to Bravil via the water.

Or we WOULD, had we not been stopped in our tracks by a fatal error. Well see just how bad the Fighters Guild questline can get next time.

Things that can crash Oblivion: casting a Water Walking spell.