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Part 69: The Elder Updates LXVIII - Really though, Lord Rugdumph is the best

Really though, Lord Rugdumph is the best

Having done a quest from Cheydinhal, it's time to go to Chorrol and get our next quest from Oreyn. Because that's what we do in this guild.

Now hang on to your asses here, folks. Viranus Donton, the guy who needed our help clearing out a cave of monsters (a quest that shall forever be lost to the sands of time as I have no footage), took a posse to a troll-infested cave and has not been heard from in a while. So we have to go poke our head in.

Thaaaaaaat's about what I expected.

...wait a minute.

Well for fuck's sake guys, there's your problem!

There's also a guy from Fighter Team Rocket apparently, so we're supposed to be super-riveted by the implication of foul play, but I really...really don't understand what happened here at all, so...?

Fighting our way past several trolls, we find Donton's cooling corpse. The Blackwood Company came and attacked, overpowering them, the end. I guess that guy from before was a straggler, but if that were the case maybe he should've been next to a troll or something. Maybe not a rat, at least.

Oreyn is not happy to hear this.

Off we fuckin' go apparently

So this time we have to go see an individual named Lord Rugdumph about his missing daughter, Lady Rogbut. I'm sorry if I'm blowing through this, but there's really, really not that much to say.


Thankfully, Lord Rugdumph's estate isn't too far away. Nothing really happens on the way there.

And her daughter's in a field just to the east, beset by ogres. Easily dealt with!

The reward's not great, but it could be of some use against mages. Who knows?

Now, you're probably wondering why there hasn't been even a screenshot of the dialog for this quest. That's because said dialog is, to be honest, just fantastic. I urge you to click.

Now, wasn't that great?

Anyway, next quest!

Now, you may have spotted the little lizard icon next to the compass. We've finally hit level 50 in Illusion. We can finally cast Chameleon!

This means we can now breach 100% CHAMELEON, which means...

...infallible stealth!

And what's more, we're all done with the busywork quests here in Cheydinhal. To Anvil!

Whoa, that does sound important actually.

Since we're going up to Bruma, I take a brief detour to Frostcrag Spire to enchant some stuff...

...and then realize you don't need an enchanting table to apply sigil stones. Whoops! Still, we've got two Fortify Magicka rings now, adding a fat hundo to our mana pool.

So the guy at the chapel tells us to search the road for the bandits...

...and one of the bandits says ogres stole the stone from THEM in turn.

So we make our way to Sedor, and... it turns out...

...manage to circumvent every encounter in the place just by jumping on a paint brush and pressing a button. Okay.

We also pop into an Oblivion gate on the way back and oh ho ho! That'll work. We're hanging on to it for just now, though, because I don't want to find Daedric armor and have to choose between it or Chameleon'd Ebony.

And with that...

...we are DONE with all the filler of the Fighters Guild! Anon us most soon again, forsooth.

And seriously, if you didn't click the video link earlier in the update, scroll up and do so.