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Part 72: The Elder Updates LXXI - Into Madness

Into Madness

So with the expansion over, it's finally time to take on the expansion, the game of the year, the good part of the game! Shivering Isles.

You may notice, however, that Sterv is quite bare. I've opted to sell most of my magical items. This is for two reasons: first, I don't want to really steamroll everything, and second, I want an incentive to try out whatever equipment the Isles have in store. I'm keeping a few things in my back pocket just in case, but the idea's pretty much to start fresh.

I'm also practicing hella magic on my way there. At some point I'll want to cross back over into Cyrodiil proper to whip up some nice juicy spells because hey, we're arguably in the postgame by this point!

But that'll come later, because actual walking, as we know, is for chumps.

And here we are!


Khajiit likes this.

Oh hey, I guess I did get some practice in after all. Unfortunately, Alteration...isn't one of the more useful schools of magic, to put it generously.

Over the stairs...past the gums...

Watch out, portal, here I come!


I am here BY WAY of the door.
Yes. You have entered and now you are here. Amazing. Truly.

And what IS "here", exactly?
You approach the Shivering Isles. Through the door behind me lies the realm of Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Lord of the Never-There.
And who are you?
I am Haskill, Chamberlain to the Lord Sheogorath.

Yes, the DAEDRIC Lord Sheogorath. What is that door doing in Cyrodiil? Why is it STILL HERE? Did you not see the thing? With the amulet?
Because my Lord wills it to be so. It poses no danger to Mundus; no compact has been violated. It is a doorway, an invitation. Perhaps you will accept it for what it is.
And the people outside?
They entered this Realm, and were ill prepared. Their minds are now the property of my Lord.
How can they be cured?
Cured? You speak as if they are diseased. They live now in another state of being. Perhaps it is you who needs a cure.

...what do you want with me?
For you? I do not know. My Lord seeks a mortal to act as His Champion. As for His attempt to fathom it is a foolish endeavor.

That's...comforting. What happens now?
You do as you will. You may leave the way you entered. Your life will be none the worse for your time spent here. Or, you may continue onward, through the door behind me. If you can pass the Gates of Madness, perhaps the Lord Sheogorath will find a use for you.
...did you say gate? What's this about a gate?
Who is to say? There are always choices to be made. The Realm of Madness is no different in that regard. Your choices are your own. Enter or do not, but make your decision. I've other duties to which I must attend.

I'm in.
Fine. I'm sure my Lord will be most pleased, assuming you ever manage to see Him.

Enjoy your stay.

With that, Haskill disappears through the door, and, well...something pretty cool happens, and I highly recommend you watch the video thereof.

And we're in!

There's a big glowy door right behind us in case we ever want to go back to the base gameFrostcrag Spire, so that's nice.

Plenty of unique flora to be had here!

Thick and leathery. I can hear something bubbling inside the little blisters.

This...this just looks like sewer scrapings.

Hmm. Khajiit is going to enjoy his stay here...but something's missing.

That's better.
For whatever reason, the Everscamps can't follow us through the door that separates the main game from the expansion, so I just spawned another batch in. They still function as Everscamps.

I rather like the fungi in the Isles. Very reminiscent of Morrowind, albeit slightly unhinged.

Thick, sticky and tingly. Khajiit HATES this.

Hmmm. Khajiit is reminded of celery, only...chewy. Also, more tubular.

Now this just screams "poison".



And here's our first enemy! Grummites seem to be big, nasty ol' frog creatures, and hey, they're pretty inspired!

It's hard to convey in still images, but they do little hops and spins as part of their attack animations.

A blade's probably better than nothing here...

And it is, for blocking purposes at least!

Hah! Never expose your stomach to an enemy.



This sword's a bit cumbersome...but a blade is a blade, yes? The shield may make for a nice memento, too.

Suuuuure does take up a lot of screen space, that sword.


...gross. Khajiit does not know what to make of this thing. Khajiit does not know what to make of this PLACE either. It feels...twisted.

And yet...there's something nice about it. Something wild, something...liberating.

...khajiit likes this.