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Part 77: The Elder Updates LXXVI - Fungeons and Fashions

Fungeons and Fashions


This is...the dungeon?

An urn?

gg bethesda



Shivering Isles has a rather unique twist on the crime system. Jail is a dungeon, and jailbreaks are encouraged.

Get to the end and beat the guard, and your bounty's forgiven!

There's a little bit of loot here and there. Who says crime doesn't pay?

And best of all, you get to keep the guard's weaponry when you're done! The sword's only a tiny bit of an upgrade, but it weighs a few pounds less than our cleaver. We're gonna be replacing it as soon as possible.

The Golden Saint Shield, on the other hand, is pretty damn good. It's a leveled item, and as such it's effectively as strong as a daedric shield right now. Not too shabby!

Ahhh. Khajiit should murder more often!

We're also gonna be leaving that ugly Daedric sword behind. It weighs about half as much as our new find, but I LIKE the Golden Sword better, which is the most important stat.


Hm. Sterv was imprisoned longer than he thought.


Today is a very.

VERY annoying day.

...but productive.

This is going to be a very good thing once I realize what it means.

And lucrative!

FINALLY I can mention that Grummites of all kinds have a 25% chance to drop Madness Ore. Suffice to say we're going to have enough Madness Ore.

With that out of the way, it's back to traveling. Pretty uneventful.

...MOSTLY uneventful. Shambles explode when they die, but thankfully for fuckall damage.

Actually this is pretty goddamn exciting, wow. Also, you may notice I've rubbed a Sigil Stone on my shield. That'll happen.

These dogs okay but it's like they've got no skin on them or something, I don't know.

Ah, wonderful...strange mineral stuff. How khajiit loves you.

Research? What is this about research?

On our way, we pass through a small village.

Hmm. Her house is locked. Perhaps this research is valuable, yes?

...perhaps not.

We're not gonna worry about this quest just yet, if ever.

We do get down to some research of our OWN, though.

Pictured: a bad enchantment. I don't know why I did this.


Finally we've arrived in New Sheoth! Technically. There's two halves of it, Bliss and Crucible, Bliss being the Mania side of town. No points for guessing what Crucible is.


How vibrant.

Are you okay?
Hello...don't mind me. I'm a little tired. Can't sleep at home, you know. The walls. They aren't safe.
...they aren't?
Don't you know? You don't, do you? Well, it's lucky you met me. Here you could've been walking around as if nothing could happen!
Wwwwwhy not sleep outside?
Well, there's an idea! Why didn't I think of that? But, where would I sleep? I need someplace to sleep.

There're walls and statues and all sorts of things that can fall on me. Can't have that. Nope. But...if you find me a good place to sleep, a safe place - outside - I'll reward you!
So...a place outside, away from any walls, buildings or statues? Yes? This is what you want?
Don't tease me. It's serious. I could die. We all could die! Please, help me find a safe spot outside to sleep where the walls won't come crashing down.
...heard anything lately?
Dumag gro-Bonk at The Missing Pauldron is collecting that Amber you find in the root tunnels.
Interesting! Good day.


Very nice, this shop.

Very nice, this ARMOR too. Khajiit wants it.

Hello! I'm Dumag gro-Bonk. Best and prettiest smith in town. I know the secret art of forging Amber. Here. Take this list. It explains what I need.

There's a lot of explanation I could transcribe here, but basically, Dumag will make us weapons and light armor if we give him the required Amber. If we bring him the matrix corresponding to a specific piece of equipment, he'll be able to make a version of said gear with a preset enchantment on. Exciting!

Hmm...yes, thank you. Sterv will bring Amber. Later.

I'm not in too much of a hurry to get new gear with my inventory relatively close to weight limit, but I'll be trying to get most of the pieces. This also applies to the Madness Ore smith who also exists, because of course she does. The list is available here for those of you who are particularly curious.

Is sneaking fashionable here?
The Fork for Big Head. Oh, where has Master put the Fork? It sings alone. Far from home. Sad, sad Fork. Sad, sad Big-Head.
The Fork! The precious, precious fork! Hear how it sings to Big-Head! Beautiful, perfect Fork of Horripilation! But it is gone. Gone, gone, gone. No more singing. No more ringing. Taken from Big-Head, never returned.
How sad.
That is when Big-Head came here. Master brought me! Whispered shouts into my ear! Songs of Madgods! Songs of bad gods! Softly, Master. Softly.
...yes, but what of the fork?
It went away. But it will come back! It always comes back! It is close. Big-Head can hear it! The Fork of Horripilation! Hear it singing! Songs of home! It comes again. It brings presents! It is not present. Soon it will be!

Would this be your fork?
The Fork! Songs of bringing? The Fork for Big-Head?
Yes. The Fork for Big-Head.
You bring the Fork! Happy day! The blind shall see! The lame shall walk! The short shall tall! Forks for all!

Sterv was not-
Big-Head was hatched, but his brother was not! Presents for egg-friend! Almost forgot! Selfish Big-Head. Shellfish Big-Head!
Presents? This one is listening.
Big-Head knows secrets. Secrets of learning. Alchemy, Sneaking, and stabbing with Blades! Which will you learn?

I'm gonna go with Alchemy, seeing as how I use it more sporadically than the others. Stabbing and sneaking will get plenty of levels on their own.

Well, that was nice. Big-Head has a particularly delightful way of speaking, and since it can't really be conveyed via text, here's a video of the whole conversation. I recommend it.

This one could do with a little shopping...

Oh! These prices, they are INSANE!
INSAAAAAAAAANE! Very well. Give Sterv this, this, and this.

...please leave.