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Part 78: The Elder Updates LXXVII - Progress?


Having enjoyed his new robe for more than long enough, it's about time Sterv got moving again.

Hmm...what is this?


Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We run into someone who COULD help us resolve the matter of finding a bed for ol' Amiable Fanriene, but I distinctly recall sweetrolls being an utter pain to find. Don't worry, there's another solution.

Oho! Another feline face!

The...coming storm?
It's coming. I think I'm the only one who sees it, though. And I'm going to be ready. Oh, yes. I'll be ready.
Ready, you say?
That's right. I've been stockpiling supplies. Things I'll need to ride it out...or survive when they come for me.
What kind of supplies?

I've been gathering things for quite a while, but there are still a few I'm missing. Perhaps you'd bring them to me?
Perhaps. What are 'them'?
I still need the Amulet of Disintegration, the Ring of Desiccation, and, of course, the Calming Pants. Must have the Calming Pants.
...khajiit understood 'Calming Pants'.
Bring these to me, and I will reward you well. Ahjazda has many, many things.

Now there's something to do later!

This, though, not so much. Tove has an amusing joke basis to his quest, but, the reward is a mere 5 gold per clutter object. RARE clutter objects, I should add.

Anyway, we'll just be making our way to the palace.

Oh. Hello again.
Fimmion hungry. Got food? Sweetcakes? Sausages?
Hmmmm...does this one know about the Calming Pants? For some reason, Khajiit thinks you do.
Fimmion hungry. Want sweetroll. Fimmion like pants. Love sweetroll.
Khajiit has no sweetroll.
Fimmion hungry. Sweetroll for Fimmion. Pants for you.

Well, at least we FOUND them.

Greetings. Do you know of a place to sleep outside?
It's just one more way they try to get me to get all "special" in the head. Right? Make me sleep outside and everything. I don't belong here, really.
What I would do for a warm bed. Soon I'll be leaving here. As soon as I can figure out how to leave without them noticing.
Hmm. Sterv knows a man who might be willing to switch beds with you. Wants to sleep outside.
Why would he want to sleep in a bedroll and give me his bed? Sounds queer. I bet it's just another trick to get my head all twisted around.

Well, it sounds fishy, but I suppose I can trust you. I'm sure I'll regret this later, but...yeah. Sure. Fine. I'm tired of sleeping outside. Tell him I'll sleep in his bed and he can sleep in mine.

So let's do just that!

Uungor has a bedroll outside. He will switch with you.
Really? And it's a safe place? Not at the bottom of a tall wall? That's a great idea! That sounds perfect.
(...khajiit never checked. )
Well, I guess if he's not afraid of the walls falling on him, he won't care when they do. Can't save everyone, can we?
Mm. Far too impractical. Now, my reward...?
Oh yes, my pardons. But what can I give you? Hmmm...

Powerful enough, to be sure, but chances are we'll never use it.

Hmm...suppose I should stop dragging my paws.

How beautiful! And this isn't even the palace itself.

Ah, yes. One thing.

There we are. Best to remove one's hat in the presence of...


Let us say royalty.


Better cover up the hair.

All right, let's get on with this already.

Ah, Sheogorath. Whether you played Shivering Isles or not, you've probably heard of this fellow. The highlight of the game, for many people, was his voice.

Whether you played Oblivion or not, you probably know this fellow. You know his voice.

My voice.

But...Shivering Isles? It's no longer Oblivion to me. Everything of significance about's not the exploration. It's not the dungeons, it's not the emergent gameplay. It's the setpieces. The events. The unique experiences set up JUST SO by the developers. I no longer feel as though I can express myself through this game, nor that I can add anything to it. It's all been happening, and that's...what's been happening.

I can't finish this LP. There's nowhere for my voice to stick. It's just all a ride. A hell of a ride, but there is no room for myself, the player, to project myself into the experience that I've been putting forward to you.

I don't know if baldurk can accept this as a finished LP, but I'm done with the game. I'm ending it on my own terms...and in its way, is that not complete? Is my play not done? Am I trapped, or can I let myself NOT play and still be considered valid? I think it is.

If you liked this LP, if you admired can do it. Play, and let others enjoy. Whether you've got a capture card, a crusty old version of FRAPS or just a crusty old print screen button, it doesn't matter. You have a voice. You have a passion. Whatever it is you want to show everyone, feel free. There will always, always be people to help you figure things out if you need to, but never...NEVER let yourself feel like you have to submit yourself to the conventions. Or to your work, I guess. Play earnestly, and the rest will follow.

Thank you all.

Oblivion wasn't that bad score: 176 pages.