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Part 55: Q&A - November 14

Empire Total War: The Second 80 Years War quick online Q&A

Q: What does the small text in the pictures presented say? Can you increase the size?

A: The picture text is actually often entirely irrelevant (for example, the much asked about technology diagram contains no text beyond the categories of technology on display.) Where relevant, the in-depth presentation text will describe the details of the pictures in question.

Q: How did new weapons reach soldiers in the field? Did they stay with outdated weapons, or were their weapons replaced?

A: Many new weapons were actually attachments, munition types or formations. In the former case, it was a simple case to bring up, for example, bayonets to the front lines with their supply trains. Munitions were constantly being brought forward to feed the cannons and howitzers, so new munitions were simply added to the supply trains. Drills were brought to forward commanders in field manuals and drill instructions, so any new formation was taught in the field, so none of the technology had any significant delay once put into production.

Sometimes, new drills or equipment inspired the formation of more elite units that could take advantage of those weapons. These required advanced, or at the very least more spacious training grounds, which were built through the country, which then allowed units with different training, such as the light dragoons, the hussars, the grenadiers or the guard infantry to be trained.