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Part 65: Q&A - December 7

Empire Total War: The Second 80 Years War quick online Q&A

Q: What was the size and composition of the British and Dutch armies in the Bahamas, and were the Dutch marines receiving reinforcements from Florida and the Caribbean? That appears to be a very large British army, one which the dutch would have been unlikely to succeed against in an assault against the fort. I assume that the Dutch would attempt to starve the British out and seek their surrender?

A: The British army was approximately 2000 men strong, with the attacking Dutch army consisting of approximately 1500 men. Due to the idyllic island (so idyllic in fact, that British soldiers volunteered less pay if they could be stationed there, hence the large garrison) the British forces were under drilled, absolutely bereft of experience, and lacking in courage. The hardened Dutch marines by contrast were far more confident in assaulting the city of Nassau.

The Bahamas were relatively incompatible with fortresses, and so the city wasn't surrounded by forts of any description. This meant the Dutch could assault them at any time, and the results would be identical to if they tried to force the city to starve, but had the garrison sally forth. What's more, the Dutch army taking Nassau was crucially needed in the mainland to march North against Britain, freeing the Florida army to march west to stop the Cherokee. Without, the Florida garrison was paralyzed and would have to remain in a defensive position.

The Caribbean islands were relatively sparse in terms of garrison, and the Florida army was required to keep the marauding Cherokee in check. As such, the Dutch would have to assault them without any additional support.