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Part 85: Q&A - March 5

Empire Total War: The Second 80 Years War quick online Q&A

Q: Dear sirs,

I find myself again writing about your excellent series on the second Eighty Years' War. I have noted a distinct lack of jingoism when discussing the British victories over the Dutch at Bristol,and indeed in the initial defeat at London. Is it difficult to retain a neutral tone when discussing these events that shaped our nation and the modern world?

Maj-Gen (Ret) Cholmondeley-Featherstonehaugh, Loughborough.

A: We at the BBC believe it to be inherent to our national character to remain in a state of casual understatement of our best victories (no matter how elaborate the statues we erect in their honour seem), and also of not panicking over our losses, no matter how dire the situation coming of it may seem. Also, while we believe that both battles were in their own way spectacular, remaining neutral from an academic stand point is crucial to our continued integrity which separates us from our competing news and history broadcasters.