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Part 88: Q&A - March 27

Empire Total War: The Second 80 Years War quick online Q&A

Q: Dear BBC.

I am aware that the Dutch employed both limited amounts of Swiss and Scottish Infantry as semi-elite line infantry. (The Swiss were better marksmen and renowned for their reloading drill, the Scotts for their ferocity with the bayonet.) Did any of the Scottish battalions take part in the action at on their 'home turf' at Newcastle or Edinburgh?

A: Actually, yes, two battalions of Scottish soldiers, both badly battered in the third day of Newcastle helped to fight under the Dutch banner. While not thoroughly discussed, the Dutch had promised to grant Scotland a vote equal to and separate from the English vote in the Federation council. This gambit won some Scottish supporters, and at any rate, the Scottish regiments which had been invested in the Dutch army since the time of William the third justified it as contiguous rule of the Dutch monarchy.

If you look closely, battalions fourteen and fifteen on this disposition are wearing the bonnet caps of a Scottish regiment. These men were ostracized by some as traitors, but others considered their conduct acceptable. In general, the further they went away from the English border, the more they were supported. When the Dutch made good of their promise, and gave Scotland equal influence over the Federation as the English, anger subsided somewhat. In fact, while both Ireland and England were on the edge of revolt, Scotland had taken the conquest with relatively little discontent.