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Original Thread: The Loosest Definition of "Noble" - Let's Play Enclave!

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What is Enclave?

Enclave is a Third Person Dark Fantasy action game with mild platforming elements made by Starbreeze Studios in 2002. It has excellent presentation, and some pretty advanced mechanics for the time, that are brought down slightly by poor melee combat design and a lackluster story. I still love it though, which is why I'm LP-ing it!

Okay. What kind of LP is this going to be?

Apart from "kind of a disaster" since this is my first attempt? It's going to be a 100% run, which means I'll be unlocking every character and collecting all of the gold in every level. It will also be semi-skilled seeing as I've beaten the game many times. To keep it interesting I've brought along Dooky Dingo, who has never played the game, and has graciously agreed to commentate with me. I mostly just hope you have a good time watching us, and maybe check the game out for yourself!

Will there be any thread interaction?

I'm glad you asked, you charming and intelligent person! Starting after episode 1, the thread will get to vote on which character I will be using for the next mission (or missions, depending on length).

What about spoilers?

As I said, the story isn't much to talk about, but the new characters/mechanics are pretty neat, and I'd like to keep those under wraps until they show up. There is one super big no-no: DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE COMPLETION BONUS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNTIL AFTER IT HAS BEEN UNLOCKED! This is non-negotiable.


No More Votes! Thank you for participating in my thread!

If I had thought ahead, this would have been the second post.

Light Campaign Characters


The Muder-Hobo and our first hero, he's the toughest of the light heroes. Can equip Swords, Shields and Crossbows (no poison bolts).


The light side sniper, and a personal favorite. Can equip Bows (which can use Sniper, Fire/Flame, Grenade/Bomb, Magic and Burst arrows), Crossbows (regular, magic and poison bolts), and Daggers.


No Pants McGee. Can equip Staves and Daggers. Is the only one who can use the Astral staff (and therefore summon earth golems and shoot homing birds).


The most I've ever turned around on a character. Can't really take a hit until she has armor, but moves and attacks much faster than any other light hero. Can become a total powerhouse with a long-hafted axe. Can equip Axes, Shields and Crossbows (with regular and poison bolts).


Gnome Stereotype. Can equip Shields, Hammers, and Crossbows. Is the only light hero to get Bombs (explosive and grease).


Where did he come from? Can equip Staves and Daggers, but not the Astral Staff (so no birds or golems).

Dark Campaign Characters


Like the Huntress, but more Emo. Still a total ass kicker. Can equip Bows (which can use Sniper, Fire/Flame, Grenade/Bomb, Magic and Burst arrows), Crossbows (regular, magic and poison bolts), and Daggers.


Like the Knight, but slower and a much bigger target, and therefore worse. Can equip Hammers, Shields and Crossbows (no poison bolts).


Metal Queen, throwing the horns! Like the Wizard, but cooler in every way. Can equip Staves and Daggers.


Counterpart to the Halfling, but with glowing eyes. Speaks Sweedish, but is otherwise identical. Can equip Axes, Shields and Crossbows (with regular and poison bolts).


A Tougher, taller version of the Engineer. Has a sweet cod-piece. Can equip Shields, Swords, and Crossbows. Is the only dark hero to get Bombs(duh)(explosive and grease).


Wicked cool skeleton-lady. Like the Druid, but has mastered the concept of pants. Is the only hero who can summon shadow skeletons and shoot bats with the Staff of the Damned(which is a scythe!)! Can equips Staves and Daggers.

Coming soon:

-Nothing! This LP is over!
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